Bantalab is a city in Jammu and Kashmir region that is famous for Kendriya Bantalab School and also the locality.

People from different cultures live in Jammu City, and Bantalab is at a location that connects different parts of Jammu without any difficulty.

Pin Code of Bantalab: 181123
Landline Code: 0191

What is great about Bantalab?
Bantalab has different localities, and it is divided into several lane systems. For Example, Lane 1, Lane 2, Lane 3, etc.

Also, on the Bantalab Chowk, you can find an auto-rickshaw stand.

1. There is also a beautiful Hanuman Temple in this part of Jammu and Kashmir, which has a big garden. This temple has an idol of Sri Hanuman on the entry gate and has several different God and Goddess portraits as well.

In the evening time, this temple looks awesome, as there is beautiful surrounding, without much noise from vehicles that run outside on the road.

2. Then Kendriya Vidyalaya Bantalab is a famous school in this area. This school was initially located inside the CRPF campus, but later it was relocated to the main road of Bantalab-Durga Nagar Road in the year 2002.

This school is famous for quality education and big playgrounds. This school has around 5 grounds, which are used for different purposes. For Example;

  • There is a small playground for children with different stuff. Like a Mary-Go-Round, See-Saw, and a Slide.
  • Then comes the second round, which is used as an assembly ground for all the students. This ground also has a central stage, that is used during several events in the school.
  • This assembly ground also has a staircase, or a sitting system created for students to have lunch during recess.
  • Then comes the big ground, which is further divided into three parts - the Tae Kwan Do area, Basket-Ball Ground & Kabbadi Ground.
  • This ground is so big that there are additional areas to play Volley-Ball and Badminton as well.

This school also has different student and teacher parking areas. KV Bantalab is also famous for having a common platform for everyone to learn and grow without any biases. 

Because it is a Central School therefore people from around India come and study there because their parents are usually transferred to Jammu and Kashmir. This encourages students to learn about different cultures in one place.

Therefore, KV Bantalab is also known as Mini-India, while addressing the students. Another reason is that we can see so much diversity in one place and that too without any biases.

3. Then comes the CRPF campus itself. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Bantalab itself. So many trees cover the roads. Normally civilians are not allowed inside the campus, but you can go to your friend's home after taking permission.

The best part about this campus is that it starts from a plain landscape and spreads along with the mountain. Therefore, the temperature on the top is slightly lower. I am saying slightly, not much. But the beauty of nature refreshes you.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Bantalab School was initially on the top of the mountain that I mentioned, and it had even bigger ground. But it was then relocated to a new place outside the CRPF campus, or else people had to go through the CRPF campus to reach the school.

4. Several shops in the Bantalab area are on the road itself. May it be a sweets shop or a mobile shop, you will find everything just after getting out of your lane.

You can see grocery shops, and then there are medical shops on the road itself.

What are the bad things in Bantalab?
Bantalab is one of the prominent residential areas in Jammu. But there are several issues within these areas as well. For Example;

  • There was always an issue concerning Electricity and Water Supply. Although recent changes have regulated these departments and hence everything is coming on-line.
  • Then comes the roads. There is a need for repayment of the roads, as there are several potholes. This again adds to the increase in traffic jams. 
  • Lane systems that are famous in this area are not well-maintained. There is no maintenance of these lanes, because of which the beautiful roads that were once built ages ago are now transformed into grasslands.
  • Road expansion is not done for several years. As a result, roads are crammed with cars and bikes, and there is a usual speed of around 10KMPH in the Bantalab Chowk area.

Having mentioned these all things, we almost forgot about the necessities of a human. No these are not only Roti, Kapda, and Makan, but also Banks and Post Offices.

There are several Banks in the Bantalab area, and one Post Office as well. Although there are several other courier companies in Jammu and Kashmir region, the best remains the Speed Post. 

Therefore you can now also see people going to the post office to send parcels. This also is good because Post offices have a really good network across India and are week versed with regional requirements.

This has also encouraged people living in Bantalab to continue having PPF accounts with Post Offices. I am pointing this out because it is a good practice to have some investment, but PPF accounts in several regions have now transferred to big private banks, which are not with Bantalab or might be Jammu and Kashmir itself, that we have to research and find out.

What are different connected places around Bantalab?
There are several small towns connected with Bantalab. For Example,

  • Durga Nagar
  • Roop Nagar
  • Akhnoor Road
  • JDA Colony
  • CRPF Campus Area
  • Chinnore
  • Janipur
  • Paloura, etc

These all places/towns are small-town clusters and have similar lane systems or residential areas. 

So one can say, we can find all the necessary things on both sides of the road and all residential areas are behind these central roads and shops. This makes it easy for anyone to search for things that they are looking for.

But one of the famous destinations in Jammu for shopping remains city. No this is not a reference. This is the name of a town "city", that has all the shops that one would like to buy anything.

This is a topic for next day, because it has several details as well, which will make this article too long to read in one go.


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