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Shobha Yatra - Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji Ashram

Shobha Yatra - Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji Ashram

Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji Trust is taking out a "SHOBHA YATRA" on Sunday, the 9th of April 2023 in connection with celebrations of the 125th Birth Anniversary of Jagadguru Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji which will pass through the following routes:

  • Bohri Chungi
  • Talab Tillo to Pacci Grath (Opp Circuit House Road)
  • Bakshi Nagar
  • B.C. Road Rehari Chungi
  • Subash Nagar
  • Patoli Chowk
  • Vikas Nagar, Sarval via Mother Teressa Missionary
  • Janipur
  • Roop Nagar
  • Durga Nagar
  • Bantalab
  • Barnai
  • Back to Udaiwala Ashram via Dharmal Muthi Akalpur

It will start at 8 AM from Ashram at Udaiwala.

All are invited to participate in the "SHOBHA YATRA" to receive ever-flowing grace of the Bhagwaan!



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