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    • The Kalpesh Sharma

      The Kalpesh Sharma (@shriganesh)

      My Introduction: My network includes all India Politicians, MPs, MLAs, Regional Media, Ministers (Including Several State's CM), National Media, Celebrities,...

      Skills: Proofreading

      • P T

        P T (@Ladcollege)

        Masters in cosmetic technology. Ambitious to be a content writer. Looking for guidance in content writing. 

        Interests: Reading


        • Romil Dhar

          Comment on "World Book Day"

          Very good article!!  Book reading is very good hobby and books help gain knowledge and also provide motivation to our thoughts. Books make us to remain busy in our leasure time....



          • Wilson Levi

            Jessie’s Coffee Shop

            ...pening with my blog or article or the new book that I am working on. This concept has inspired me, and I too believe that we should have small reading or writin...


            • Wilson Levi


              ...air. Hair may be colored, trimmed, shaved, plucked, or otherwise removed with treatments such as waxing, sugaring, and threading. H...
              • Wilson Levi

                Personal Care

                ...s was always important to maintain good hygiene because as humans started to live in societies, we had to be clean to make sure that we are not spreading diseases...



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