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Google Apps Script Course

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    Course Title: Mastering Google Apps Script for Working Professionals

    Course Duration: 8-12 Weeks

    Course Description: This course is designed to empower working professionals with the skills to automate tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance productivity using Google Apps Script. Whether you're in IT, marketing, finance, or any other field, this course will equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience to create custom scripts and automate processes within Google Workspace applications.


    • Basic familiarity with Google Workspace (Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Forms).
    • A Google account.
    • Basic programming knowledge (not mandatory but helpful).

    Course Outline:

    Week 1: Introduction to Google Apps Script

    • Understanding what Google Apps Script is.
    • Benefits of using Google Apps Script.
    • Setting up the Google Apps Script environment.
    • Creating and running your first script.

    Week 2-3: JavaScript Basics for Google Apps Script

    • Introduction to JavaScript.
    • Variables, data types, and operators.
    • Control flow (if statements, loops).
    • Functions and objects.
    • Debugging and troubleshooting.

    Week 4: Google Apps Script Editor

    • Tour of the script editor interface.
    • Creating, saving, and managing scripts.
    • Script triggers and events.
    • Debugging tools and techniques.

    Week 5-6: Automating Google Sheets

    • Introduction to Google Sheets scripting.
    • Reading and writing data in Google Sheets.
    • Formatting and styling Sheets.
    • Creating custom functions with Google Sheets.
    • Building data-driven dashboards.

    Week 7-8: Automating Gmail and Google Drive

    • Automating email communication with Gmail.
    • Managing Google Drive files and folders.
    • Combining Gmail and Google Drive for workflow automation.
    • Building email templates and sending automated emails.

    Week 9: Google Forms and Automation

    • Creating and customizing Google Forms.
    • Scripting Google Forms to enhance functionality.
    • Collecting and analyzing Form responses programmatically.
    • Generating reports and notifications.

    Week 10-11: Advanced Topics

    • Interacting with external APIs.
    • Building custom web applications with Google Apps Script.
    • Using Google Apps Script with Google Workspace APIs.
    • Best practices for script organization and optimization.

    Week 12: Final Projects and Course Wrap-up

    • Students work on individual or group projects.
    • Project presentations and feedback.
    • Course recap, resources, and next steps.
    • Graduation and certificates.

    Course Materials:

    • Lecture notes and slides.
    • Hands-on coding exercises.
    • Real-world use cases and examples.
    • Project assignments and assessments.
    • Online forums or discussion groups for collaboration and Q&A.

    Assessment and Certification:

    • Weekly quizzes or assignments.
    • Final project presentation and evaluation.
    • Certificate of completion for students who meet course requirements.

    This course outline provides a structured framework for teaching Google Apps Script to working professionals. You can modify it as needed to match the specific needs and duration of your course. Additionally, consider providing supplementary resources like video tutorials, reference guides, and a supportive online community to enhance the learning experience for your students.


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