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thewiki Cosmoline®

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thewiki Cosmoline®

thewiki Cosmoline® is a brand from India. We are continuously innovating and setting trends in the cosmetics industry. With a rich background in R&D.

Our services include expert consultation with regards to Acne, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Hydration of Skin, Tanning, Anti-aging, and many more.

You can attend several workshops on Skin & Haircare from our expert cosmetologists.

Below is a draft of our Products and Services:
1. Client Consultation
2. Cosmetics Formulation
3. Latest Cosmetic Blogs


thewiki Network

Social Networking! Let's restore its essence!

thewiki Network is a Social Media Network-specific to Cosmetic Industry. You can connect with people from the beauty and cosmetic industry with regards to:
1. Consultations
2. Raw Materials
3. Content Writing
4. Job Opportunities, etc.

You can also write quality blogs, and articles and become a part of an earning community, which is adding value to the platform.

To earn User Points (Crypto Tokens) by posting blogs and articles on thewiki Network, follow the below steps:

  1. Register by Clicking here
  2. Start writing Blogs & Articles.
  3. Receive 10 User Points (crypto token) for every quality blog you publish.

You can share your mined User Points with your friends just like a cryptocurrency or token.


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