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Sanjeev Munshi

About me

A Kashmiri Pandit from Budhagir, Alikadal, Srinagar, have received my education from J&K, and a career of 42 years in Herbal Pharma Marketing (Ayurveda). I was heading Domestic as well as International Marketing for the organization.

Currently living in Vadodara, Gujarat, and engaged as a Pharma Marketing Consultant. I'm keenly interested in matters of social, historical, and human behavior, particularly Kashmir-related issues.

Has been writing for several magazines about community-related and Kashmir-related matters, social as well as political.

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    • Sanjeev Munshi
      Mohammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948) is often called the Founder of Pakistan. He was certainly responsible, more than most, for the division of India.
      • Sanjeev Munshi
        The poem and its subject set me thinking about several episodes of broken homes and breakdown in marriages that I have seen in last five years within my own small social circle. I was able to list up as many as 12 cases where marriages had broken...
        • Sanjeev Munshi
          Painting by Pt Ravi Dhar To the immortal Kashmiri saint Lal Dyed (1320- 1392) goes the credit of starting the trend of blending spiritual thought with mysticism and expressing it in poetry of highest order. Many others, like Nund Ryush followed....
          • Sanjeev Munshi
            The Indian socio-political stratosphere has lately been witnessing quite a few sparks of religion linked political thinking, due to what is often termed as a belligerent Islam vs a politically awakening Hinduism confronting one another.
            • Sanjeev Munshi
              Sanjeev Munshi published a blog post The Waning Mystique of Matamaal
              Sometime back, I saw a social media post, lamenting the loss of some of our childhood’s most iconic memories – those associated with our Matamaal (mother’s house or Nana/ Mama’s house).
                • Suniel Kumar Dhar

                  Mr.Sanjeev Munshi by his prolific writings always takes our generation on a voyage back in time and makes everyone feel and cherish those golden moments of our life spent in Kashmir Valley!

                  • Mithlesh Dhar

                    So true ... Gone are the days when cousins would plan for the future together. Now it is a treasure indeed if all are able to meet at one single place.

                  • Sanjeev Munshi
                    India got political freedom from its colonial masters on August 15, 1947. Indian National Congress, which led the freedom struggle, replaced the British as political masters of the country; it chose to ignore the sage advice of Gandhi Ji to disband...
                    • Sanjeev Munshi
                      Sanjeev Munshi published a blog post Religion, Rituals and Metamorphosis
                      J. Krishnamurti, the renowned Indian philosopher is said to have remarked,” Man invented God out of Fear & Despair”! The relationship between our Creator and Man was supposed to be very personal or individual.
                      • Sanjeev Munshi
                        Seven decades after the people of India gave to themselves a constitution guaranteeing certain additional fundamental rights to religious and linguistic minorities, the nation is struggling to know what constitutes a “minority”.