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How Life Catches You?

    Wilson Levi

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    Life is a 4 alphabet word that has kept several people thinking about what is happening with the world for a long long time.

    One tries to live life as per their terms and this is where he or she gets wrong. The time a person decides to live life on their terms and conditions, they get pissed by its nature to be fair to everyone.

    if life is unfair to you … if life is unfair to me … if life is unfair to everyone else … then life is fair to all

    This is something that we should take time and understand.

    We are born vulnerable, and then we are taught several things that boost our confidence and understanding of what is happening around us.

    Are we actually programmed?

    One has to ask this question whenever they think that they are in control. Were you told to not eat soil the time you tasted it?

    Were you told to behave in a way that you find so uncomfortable?

    This shows how much programmed we all are. Several people ask me what is Analytics and how to learn it?

    Well my friend, as an organism, we all are Analytical in nature. We can see, observe, and adapt in any situation, and this is what analytics helps us in. Your brain is a complex machine that is running Machine Learning Algorithms — both supervised and unsupervised.

    But when you grow up, you have several ambitions, and you want to live your life the way everyone wants you to live.

    You buy things that don't matter at all, and you spend all your savings on parties and get-togethers.

    Then one day, you realize that all of this was a fad and that it has passed away. The only thing that is with you is your own body, in the way that you have molded it.

    If you didn't exercise over the years, your body has started to fall apart. At this exact moment in life, you understand the actual meaning of life.

    To Live and Let Live

    Life catches you, and you can see your childhood, teenage, and adulthood in front of your eyes. Then you realize, all the material things that you loved so much have no value now.

    Only things that actually mattered, if you were happy with the person that you were living at that time.

    Life will catch you, one day; and you will think about all the things that matter in your life. I am writing this big article to describe the feeling that is there at this point, and not to teach you or make you realize anything.

    Because this is something that you can only feel, and you will be able to feel it when you grow and at that exact moment when life catches you.