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How do bro codes at work really make sense? | Bro Codes at Work

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For several years we have seen people talk about the "Bro Codes", and it was not until recently that this bro code gained momentum in the workplace.

Aso, it is not only about having a bro code with guys but with gals as well.

So, what are bro codes?
Bro Code is a friendship etiquette to be followed among men or, more specifically, among members of the bro subculture. Therefore, it covers both guys and gals.

One can also say that bro codes are common sense understood by bros only, and these bros can be males or females. There are some unspoken rules, which one acts upon and never discloses to anyone, not even their bro.

This is an important point because the existence of bro code is just like the existence of air, which is invisible to sight, but without which, our so-called society won't exist in the other second.

Are bro codes just made up by pop culture?
Well, this is wrong. Although the bro code is taken from genuine human society, where men's or even women's had some unspoken rules that others abide by because television and broadcasting media has so much reach, hence people think that this is just a branding done by pop-culture.

But one should understand that pop culture also copied these all things from real-life events.

Therefore, saying that bro codes are just mimicry of pop culture shows will be wrong on all levels.

What are some of the Bro Code Lists?
Below are some of the bro codes that you can check out. Although this list should not have been written or should not be shared by any bro with any other bro, if you two have read it before, you can just think as if you don't know about this list.

  1. Always have your bro's back, no matter what. You are not a friend if you cannot watch out for him or her.
  2. If his girlfriend asks you about where he is, you know nothing. Keep all his whereabouts to yourself, hang up and warn him.
  3. There are 4 things about your bro that you must respect in all conditions - his house, his parents, his girlfriend, and most important of all, his cars and bikes.
  4. You mush never leave your bro alone without any ride. No matter how much busy you are, there is no way you are letting him walk more than three blocks.
  5. A bro shall never make a bro feel ashamed. Even if it was something you won't care to do, you are supposed to make excuses on his behalf. Of course, it wasn't him, it was the alcohol.
  6. You will do whatever it takes to make your bro look like a superhero in front of others. If he is bad at a certain sport you are playing, you play weak and save his image.
  7. The bro code permits the entry of a girl as the new bro only if she proves to be worthy of the honor and by common concession, of course.
  8. Even if the new member manages to enter the bro gang, you shall never reveal the bro code to him or her. You may treat them as one amongst you but never disclose any rule until she wins your trust completely. They could be an undercover agent for all you know.
  9. A bro is never allowed to drive in a drunken state. If a sloshed bro needs to be sent back home, arrangements shall be made for the same at any cost.
  10. Bro trusts each other with their life, and it shall not be broken.
  11. A fist bump is a form of appreciation. You shall use it to show acceptance, appreciation, or a go for it. Use this weapon often to have your bros know that you are on their side.
  12. If your bro is broke, the bro code demands you to treat him. In no case shall he be left hungry, or homeless.

These are some of the bro codes that we mention, and there are a lot of others that cannot be mentioned down as bro codes are nothing to document but to be wary about when you deal with people around the world.

How having bro codes around the work changes everything?
Bro codes at the workplace can be one of the best things. Although several people use it often and you might not be knowing, understanding its value will help you take advantage and also assist others in return.

For example, we know when our friend is tired or he or she was drunk the last night so they were not able to come today, but you can help them by assisting them in handling the client for some time or by creating an excuse on his or her behalf for hir or her boss.

Needless to say that this will come to you also someday as a favor, but don't need to tell why you helped, because a bro will always help you if he is a real bro, or else he is not a real bro.

Bro codes also help in dealing with all other people at your organization. If you have your bros in different departments and with different skill sets, you can create your monopoly within the system.

It is not the bad kind of monopoly, but the one that helps all the bros to get their work done on the earliest.

Bro codes are famous and are also helpful, but these are unspoken rules that every bro adheres to.

To become a part of a bro club, you should first behave as a bro, by following the rules and adhering to them, no matter what happens. This is one of the best ways to achieve bro code at your workplace.

After some time, when you have started following these codes, you will see that there are more and more bros joining your club and you will have a small community of bros. Obviously, you won't have a name for your bro club, but you will still be able to help each other out in case of any issue and will reap the benefits of a comfortable work environment, which listens to you.


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