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Don't run behind startups instead start a business

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Yes, you heard it right. Don't run behind startups.

For several years I have been hearing about startups being the cThision, and how some startups became unicorns.

Obviously, this also influenced me and I also wanted to create a startup, until I realized, that startups are just hit and trialed by amateurs & not a focused effort to start a business.

There are a few important things that startups lack and hence most successful startups are still a startup. These traits are;

  1. Focus
  2. Consistency
  3. Trust

Out of these 3, "Trust" is the most important thing that lacks in startups.

Now you will say, every business starts with a lack of trust from clients, and that investors are just taking risks with their investments. But I will explain it differently.

By "Trust", I mean to say, Trust in yourself.

If you don't trust yourself, no one else will ever trust you.

It's simple to understand. If you don't feel like you will succeed in a sport, how will your supporters support you? It's just not possible.

In a startup, the founders are not trusted by investors, and these founders are also doubtful about their decisions. They don't believe in their products and services and will leave their startup the next second if someone offers them a good amount of money.

On the other hand, a business is backed by a vision of a founder, that believes in himself or herself, and will not stop until he or she reaches hir or her goals.

They will never think of selling their business and making lots of money because business is never about making money but it's everything about solving problems and believing in yourself.

Business owners won't get affected because their product is not selling this month. They will go out in the market and work their ass off to figure out the reason and provide solutions to any issue, but will never back off and leave their business.

Have you heard that any newspaper brand has become bankrupt and closed because people have moved to the internet and are not now interested in newspapers anymore?

Well, there might be some examples, but they will have different reasons, and the ones that are in the market, you will see that these are also not earning much, but because their founders had a vision, these are still profitable and still help lakhs of people make money every year.

Startups on the other side start by having big investors and large offices, because of which their operating expenses are already more than their profits.

This all results in more pressure on the workers, who need to work towards targets that are unachievable in reality and is just because their founders have provided them good pay and an ambiance that they can't resist.

But once these workers are not able to survive in getting the work done because of the unachievable targets, these so-called startup founders are clueless in understanding what to do and how to handle these situations.

This is only because these founders had one thing in mind and that is money. They were not passionate about what they had and also never wanted to work on it by themselves. They just wanted to hire some people who can earn them a living, which is not a workable solution.

Let alone going to market and checking if they can sell their product and services.

How to start a business and not a startup?
It is always good to go ahead and start a business and not a startup. Don't run behind starting a startup, but work on setting up a business.

You don't have to do a SWOT analysis on your business, just be passionate about what you do and you will achieve success in your field.

Just have the above-stated 3 qualities in your business, and you will be able to achieve all the popularity that you deserve. Also, remember one thing, there will be several people who will discourage you and will ask you not to work on your business, and there will be days when you would want to quit on your dreams and passion.

These are the days when you will have to gather strength and move forward until you achieve what you have dreamed about.

You will have to be consistent each day, and work on your business. You may take 3, 5, or even 15 years to achieve your goals, but this is what is all about running a business rather than starting a startup for a few years and throwing up everything that you have experienced.

As a business owner, you should never think of your business as not so successful event. Even if electric cars are there and people are moving towards electric cars, think of diversifying your business to new technologies rather than thinking that your startup is at the brink of the end because petrol prices have gone up.

Although working on a startup is something everyone dreams about, in my opinion, you should rather think of running a business and not a startup.

You need to work hard on your dreams and don't listen to nay-sayers. It is better to focus on your skills and keep improving and innovating every single step of your journey towards setting up a successful business, which is a never-ending job.


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