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How office politics kills creativity? | Shout out to office politics killing creativity at work


You may have witnessed or may have also experienced that office is a place that seems to be achieving something but the path is not as clear as it seems so.

There will be times when you will be bullied, and taken advantage of and then you will only end up asking for apologies and nothing else.

Appraisals are for seniors and not for the working folks. A mere 10% to 15% is what you will get in the name of appraisal, even when you have got an in all the checkboxes and you have performed at the peak.

In the name of Performance Bonus, you will receive amount, but that too will be X/2 because of the taxes that are deducted.

So it is a good-for-nothing scenario, and they expect you to work for more than 15 hours every day so that all of the clients are kept happy at all times.

There are no Managers, only Damagers
Managers are like Damagers in organizations with a huge number of people. They will allocate you to two or more projects with a 100% availability promise to clients and then you will be working for more than 12 hours every day to keep their sheets clean then also they will say,

It is expected from you at this seniority level

Have you just started working? or are you mommy's kid and you don't understand what a human can do?

And they talk - Why are people leaving the organization?

But you know what, they will ensure that all people who leave an organization, are labeled as terminated or are disgraced by most of the means that they have.

What they don't know?
People working on senior levels may earn huge salaries, but they are attached to a system that is crushing them all day long.

The same things that are happening to you may be happening to them as their seniors are also sucking blood from their veins.

But one thing that they forget is that you are limited with your resources and salaries, and that's why you will always be stuck at the place you are working. You may not know but the person that you are playing politics with may have an empire that you don't know about, and he or she is just enjoying the small thinking that these may show.

How to tackle office politics?
Dealing with office politics can be a difficult thing. You may be saying one thing and your peers may convey different things to your seniors.

It may also happen that you are guided in a wrong way by your seniors so that they have a way to turn you down or disgrace you in the end.

But there is a way to deal with such people as well. Because in the end, they are just paper wipes for the clients.

  1. Always be clear about what you are saying. There shouldn't be any confusion about what you want to say.
  2. People in the office hide things from each other and other teams as well, so ensure that you don't take part in that gossip or secrecy.
  3. Take everything by mail. You never know when they will back out and keep you in front of everyone. So it is always better to have precautions rather than have any issues in the end.
  4. Don't lose your calmness. They will make you feel like you are the one because which everything has happened. But never lose your temper. You are not there for life anyway.
  5. Always confirm things before sending emails. Never send a mail because someone has just said to do so. And if you have done it, never be ashamed to accept your mistake. You haven't killed anyone.

So, how do office politics kills creativity?
Well, this should have been clear till now. 

Office politics takes an employee's mind from important client work to politics. The employee may only think of what has happened and how he or she can revert and save his or her job.

They will not take risks and be creative, and they will also not be vocal the next time they see something wrong happening.

Managers think that they use politics and get their work done, but they forget that employees that suffer because of these politics will stop being vocal about their issues, and hence their work will only get affected.

You will yourself see one of the best employees become the worst employee and that is just because his or her confidence will be shaken because of the politics that happen in organizations.

They will stop taking charge of things and will become stagnant in the work role that they are assigned to because office politics doesn't consider a person's hard work, and most of the time believe in a person's ability to please his seniors and clients.

Office politics is one of the worst things that can happen to employees in organizations and most of the time people in power just want to engage in it because they are tired of working and want someone else to work.

They will burden good employees with work and ask them to extend their working hours irrespective of the fact that he or they may have a family to be with.

This happened to me when I was working in a corporate structure some years back. And you know what, after suffering everything for some time, I continued giving my best performance, and then I left the toxic environment.

It was their mistake to lose me because today I have a business that is worth all of the employee's salaries combined. I don't want to demean anyone, but it is a fact that people who are continuously engaged in office politics will always be a part of that rubbish system and will never be able to grow in life.

People with abilities on the other hand will always find a way to lead a happy and successful life because they know they don't have to be a part of that system.


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