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Keeping yourself occupied is one of the best ways to lead a satisfying life

Keeping yourself occupied is one of the best ways to lead a satisfying life

Life means different to different people, and one of the main reasons is that we all have different perspectives and experience things differently as individuals.

Leading a successful and satisfied life is something that many people actually are not even able to dream about.

This is usually because the success of individuals is more dependent on how much earning one has and how much one can show off to other people because everyone here is working hard to impress others, even at the expense of losing their satisfaction.

But is it worth it?
Absolutely Not!

Leading a life with material possessions is as good as sitting for a competitive exam without preparation. The only one that stresses out is the person that leads that life, and he or she always keeps running behind more material possessions as they are in this rat race of impressing everyone they meet.

Keep yourself occupied to lead a satisfied life
This is important to understand because when you are occupied with something, you are focused on that particular thing. For example, if you have a hobby and are occupied with the same, no matter what other people say or do, you will always find yourself more focused and energized and away from negativity.

You will feel more successful when you are more occupied.

Now when I say being more occupied, I deliberately want to focus on the things that mean to you and that bring a change in this world.

For me, it is writing blogs, and this is because writing blogs makes me feel more in tune with what is happening around me and I am able to connect with people and the environment as I am always observing things closely.

This also helps people feel the same positivity when they read my articles, and hence there is something that I am also contributing to this human civilization.

When you are occupied with things that you love doing, you feel as if you are more refreshed and you even enjoy doing your day-to-day job. You try to find out time for your passion and keep on dwindling thoughts about what next you can learn and implement in your journey.

Life is a journey afterall.

Although it is not that cozy for everyone and every single individual has a different starting point, if they are clear about where they want to reach, then they are more than happy to go through their life events more enthusiastically.

I have personally observed several times when I have seen people enjoying their life for what it was, a journey in this vast nothingness on a planet.

I have seen people being happy in the small group meetings that they conduct after job hours. They are focused on their passion. For example, some people are dedicated to some sports and are also part of some sports clubs. In that case, those people are always looking forward to meeting their group or club members.

They are always planning ways by which they can bring a difference, even if it is a small one or making someone happy, they are always doing something that they feel passionate about.

There are times when situations and environmental stress are really high, maybe because of financial issues, or literacy, or something else, but if you are passionate about what you do, and you always look forward to taking out time for your passion, then you already lead a satisfied life.

I am a true believer that a Satisfied Life is a Successful Life.

For some definition of success is altogether different, but if you try and focus closely then only you will realize that the more satisfied a person is the more successful his or her life is.

If you are satisfied with your efforts, and your hard work then you already are successful because you have put in time towards something that means to you and you are taking steps towards a big success.

But people who just work and then sit down without having any other plans for their growth and passion always lead an unsatisfied life and hence they are not able to feel successful all of their life.

How to keep yourself occupied?
The best way is by working on things that matter to you a lot of the things that you are passionate about. But here people say, I don't know what my passion is. To this, I have one answer - what are the things that you do when you are free?

By free I mean when you are literally doing nothing, or sitting at a place and what is that thing that makes you feel happy?

Is it a sports activity or writing or cooking?

You should think like this to explore yourself and then occupy yourself with these activities. These things should be relaxing for you and when you don't do it there should be a feeling of regret in your mind. Those are the things that you should look towards spending your time at.

By following these steps you should be able to occupy yourself with more work and feel more satisfied also.


    • Suniel Kumar Dhar

      A very interesting and motivational blog written by Ms.Kimberly ! To make life more interesting and fulfilling,a person should always try to take up any work which gives him some satisfaction and provides some kind of nourishment to his creative mind and  refreshes him mentally. To keep oneself busy in any hobby which makes him feel happy, satisfied and think postively is a real path in this long journey called life.

      • Kimberly

        Amazingly put together :)


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