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Simple way to Time Travel that no one told you | Let's do a time travel

Simple way to Time Travel that no one told you | Let's do a time travel

Have you ever thought of traveling through time? Have you ever thought to go back in time and talk to great minds that have changed your present and are still affecting your future?

Well, this is not science fiction anymore.

Time Travel over several years was considered impossible because of the resources that it might take to build those big time machines, even though when we were already having all the things that are required to build one.

The time has come when you will also be able to go through time and experience this unexplored path. You will also be able to call yourself a time traveler.

But let me warn you ... You should not change anything or should not try to tamper with the fabric of space and time while you enjoy your journey through the time machine that I am going to talk about.

Even though you are able to learn new things by traveling back in time, it is still advised to use your conscience to what should be implemented these days and how it might affect the future.

So what is this Time Travel Machine?
The Time Travel Machine that I am going to share information about is too secretive and it has been here with us for several decades, but still, no one used to talk about it as if it was a "taboo".

People were selective to whom they might tell about the power of this tool that can change the generations in the future.

Yes, it is true. It is so powerful that if someone talented got hold of this tool they can change the world and you won't be able to recognize the world as it was.

The tool that I am referring to is Books.

You might now ask, how are books a tool for time travel, and how can someone change the world by just reading books?

Well, Books are the gateway to someone's Mind & Perspective.

We can learn from someone else's mistakes and can also gather information about what happened in the past and how it affected their future as if we are traveling through the space and fabric of this universe.

You can directly connect with the person on an intellectual level who wrote the book or the article and can understand what he or she is going through and how were the social fabrics at that time. 

You can interact with them, and respond to them - Although this will be in silence it will happen. As you go through the daily life of that author, you will understand what was happening during that time and how situations have changed now.

Not only books but;

  1. Old Movies
  2. Photographs
  3. Video Recordings
  4. Personal Blogs, and
  5. Autobiographies

All these are a glimpse of the past. How it was and how it has changed now.

You can sit back and watch your old beautiful movies and appreciate the beauty of the rooms, roads, and cars. You can even appreciate the simplicity of the dress code that people used to have at that particular point in time.

Photographs take you to the old time when you were kids and you can hold that time in your hand now. You can cherish the beautiful moments that you lied about long before you became ignorant of the fact that you already are traveling in time & that YOU ARE ALREADY A TIME TRAVELLER.

Video Recordings and Personal Blogs are also like connecting with people around the world or even yourself.

Imagine you have written an article about how your day went today, and after 5 years down the line you again stumble upon that blog, where you described the beauty of the world today. You were describing how desperate you were for that job or how much hard work you were putting in getting both ends meet.

By reading those lines, you will receive a flashback of yourself sitting on a chair and writing to your future self about your day-to-day life.

You would also have asked questions. For example,

  1. Were you able to get the job?
  2. Are you still the captain of your sports club?
  3. Where are your friends these days?
  4. How is your life going these days?

At that time when you will read these questions, you will not be the same person who wrote those questions.

Humans are evolving on a day-to-day basis and we are not the same person as we were 5 minutes before. Our body is replenished and we try to get over things. We shed our skin cells, and our body repairs and ages.

So, when you answer all the questions that you asked yourself 5 years ago, you will be giving answers with a different perspective, which has certainly made you a different person.

How can someone change the world with this information?
The things that make this real-time travel is that you are connected with someone across the space-time fabric and that too separated several years, and still, you can use this information for the betterment or devastation of human society.

Ideas transform the world and have ability to travel across the time.

This is why we say that a book changed the perspectives of generations - for good or for bad.

There are examples of both. We all have seen ideas propagating via books, historical documents, and scriptures and then there is someone who gets enlightened with the ideas of that person who first wrote them.

The person in the present is able to communicate with the person in the past and is able to understand what things are correct and what all are wrong. He or She is able to argue, or discuss ways by which the world can be made a better place and then he or she starts to work to change the world forever.

This is the power of this time travel tool called Books. This tool can change the world and has the ability to make us learn through the mistakes of others so that we don't make those mistakes in the future.'

Also, these time travel tools are actually indestructible. These have the ability to preserve themselves, even if anything happens or any disaster comes. Even if the internet discontinues or the world tears apart, books will always be there to help people time travel in a dimension that will clear their minds and make it easy for them to take decisions.

There is always someone to guide you and books (our time travel tool) have this ability to connect or find out the person themselves.

Someone has rightly said, you don't choose a book, but the book chooses you.

As people meet by chance, so do books. You never know when you get hold of a book, even though you don't want to read it, it will always be there in front of you as if it says,

"open and read me. Come with me to the world that was not similar to yours and learn from it."

So, if you really want to time travel today, go grab a bunch of books written by anyone in the world. It can be a biography, autobiography, fiction, sci-fi, or even a book on history or literature.

Grab your beverage of choice and start going through the pages of the past, until you lose yourself in this amazing dimension called TIME.

If you like this article, consider taking out some time to have a tea and read more articles like these. Also, comment what you would like to share with your futureself.

When someone few years down the line likes your comment, you will be reminded of the message that you posted for yourself.


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