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How to get rid of a bad Beauty Habit?

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Working on beautifying can be annoying sometimes if you don't know why your routine is not working. This may be because of some bad beauty habits, that you don't know you have.

Below are some of the bad beauty habits that you need to get rid of now;

  1. Don't touch your face:
    This is as simple as you have read it. Your hands touch so many surfaces every single day. Whatever you touch is spread to your face, so be sure that you wash your hands properly before touching your face. 

    Many people have a habit of touching their faces. This may be because of pimples, or itchy skin, but you should try and resist that temptation. 

    If you feel like itching or scratching, wash your face or use a clean cloth to rub that area gently. This is because our hands are home to several bacteria, and when we touch our face, we also inadvertently scratch pimples, which might start a pimple or acne outbreak on our face.
  2. Avoid Licking Your Lips:
    Many people have a habit of licking their lips, which eventually turns into chapped lips. This is because saliva dries out and also takes moisture or oil that gives smoothness to your lips.

    To ensure that your lips don't crack, apply a layer of petroleum jelly every night before you go to bed. This helps by locking moisture that is in your lips and keeps your lips from drying out.
  3. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes:
    Eyes are delicate, and the skin around your eye is thin, so rubbing your eyes can cause inflammation, and in severe cases red eyes. 

    If you feel itchy in your eyes, use clean water to wash your face and eye, and avoid your fingers rubbing your eye.
  4. Don't Scratch Pimples:
    Pimples or even acne are clogged pores, which have bacteria, so touching them will irritate your skin and may scar your face.
    Understand that the puss that secretes out from pimples can create new pimples if spread elsewhere on your face, hence starting a pimple outbreak on your face.
  5. Don't Exhaust Your Hairs:
    Many of us are fond of using hair dryers after taking a bath. But this could affect your hair badly. Using heat severely dries your hair, which can cause split ends or frizz as well.

    You should try to air dry your hair, or if you want to use a hairdryer, try to use the heat-protection serum first, which protects hair cuticles and also provides your hair a healthy shine.
  6. Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday:
    Washing hair and using cosmetics to remove oil from your hair makes it dry and you will usually end up with frizzy hair, as constantly washing your hair can strip your hair of its natural oils.

    If you have short hair, then washing hair every day might not make much difference if you are using serums or oil to lock in the moisture. But if you have long hair, try to wash them after every 3 days.
  7. Cut Your Nails Regularly:
    Cutting nails is one of the best things that you can do to look better than 60% of other people around you.

    Check every third person will have long nails maybe on hands or feet. This is a big turn-off, and in many cultures, it is also considered unhygienic. You should get rid of those nails at least every week, and also care for them to ensure that you don't end up eating germs that get stored inside of your nails.

    Because your face usually shows what goes inside your body.
  8. Eat Healthy Food:
    Diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals is beneficial for your overall growth and development.

    Try incorporating fish, eggs, milk, and chicken into your diet. This will provide you with body-building proteins and essential oils, that will make you look even shinier. Your face will glow.

    This also includes having lots of water throughout the day, because water helps in all the major bodily functions, and when you drink water, your face automatically glows, and you get fewer pimples or acne outbreaks.
  9. Exercise Regularly:
    Exercising regularly helps in maintaining proper blood circulation in your body, which in turn helps in looking glowing.

    This also helps in getting rid of extra heat, and oil in your body, which again restricts the growth of acne and pimples. Doing regular exercise will also help you in maintaining a good posture, which adds up to your beauty.

    Beauty routines are essential, but getting rid of bad habits is a really important part of looking good. For many people, this might seem difficult, but try to get rid of these habits for at least 22 days, and you will see that it has become a part of your habit.

    This is because any habit takes only 22 days to get started, and then it becomes difficult to break that. Try it, and let us know your progress in the comments section below.


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