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This is how serious life is - You are not going to get out Alive

This is how serious life is - You are not going to get out Alive

One of my colleagues once said;

If Life is Unfair to You ... If Life is Unfair to Me ... That Means, Life is Fair to All

This really struck my mind.

As a human, we are always cribbing because of the issues that we face in a day to day life. Some of us have financial issues, some of us are not happy, some of us are angry and many of us feel helpless.

These all things taken together make us suffer in life, and we also agree to the fact that life is too dark and serious.

In reality ... Life is so Serious that ... You are not going to get out of it ALIVE, and that is the harsh reality of it.

So the question is ... why end up living each day dragging ourselves through life. Does it even make sense?

The simple answer is "No".

When you feel that life is sad and nothing is happening your way, try to understand one thing that life works out like this only. Let me explain it to you with a small story;

A woman used to drop a child every day at school, and each day the child out of habit used to guide that woman where to speed up, where to push brakes, and where to drive faster. He used to say, "Mom, drive fast", and to make that child happy, the mother used to push the accelerator a little bit so that the child could enjoy it.

One day there was a traffic jam on the usual way to school because the bridge was broken, and that woman had to push the brakes and wait for the other signal to turn green.

During that time, the child kept on saying "GO ... GO ..... GO ....... GO"

The woman said that there is a red light on and we can only be able to go when the signal turns green, but the child kept saying "GO GO GO GO".

This time she realized one thing ... When we are working on our day-to-day life, there are several ambitions that we want to fulfill, and when things don't go according to our plan, at that time we scream, cry, and become sad.

This is just similar to the child who directs his mother to drive fast even when the red light is on.

There are things that we can't see.

You didn't get that job? 
Might be there is something better that God has planned. You cannot see because you are only focused on your ambition and that it is not fulfilled, but wait for the right time, or wait for the signal to turn green, you will receive what you deserve.

You were not selected for the sports team?
Might be it wasn't the right time or might be there something that was missing.

When we are focused on our goals and ambitions, at that time we are not able to see anything else, which is good as it keeps us away from distractions, but when we hit a roadblock, understand that it might be a course correction that is happening and you will reach your destination soon.

Similarly, when we feel like life is sad and unfair, we should understand that there are a lot of factors that are affecting your life and not only your skill sets, experience, and exposure. You cannot see everything as the child was not able to see the signal or the broken bridge. It is the God who will guide you out of this issue.

Now when I am specifically mentioning God, I am not saying any one God, but the energy that moves this universe.

As Sanatan Dharma, we believe that God is in everyone and that God is the energy that keeps this world going. There is this energy that keeps the sun and the planets in motion, still, those all have a life span.

Not even stars are free of the life and death cycle. So what kind of life do we talk about when we say that file is dark and serious?

We should look at our life as an experience because we all are made up of atoms, molecules, and then cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. We are part of the Universe as the Universe is our part because all the life-forming entities were formed within a star.

We should be happy that the Universe is experiencing itself in the form of a human and live life with the purpose of exploring new things and keeping ourselves happy.

Why is being happy important and how to achieve this?
First, let us try and understand what is happiness.

Happiness is a feeling from within, that keeps us alive.

You wouldn't have heard about this definition, but it is true. It is a chemical bombardment of brain cells which keeps this body alive or else every one of us would have chosen to get rid of this world.

Having said that Happiness can only be achieved internally and we can only feel it. It is not something that will be there with us for the rest of our lives if we are not in pursuit of it.

Therefore, there should be no reason that we are not happy and we are not living our life happily.

Things that can make you happy can vary from person to person. For some;

  1. Playing sports can make them happy
  2. Meeting friends and family
  3. Writing can make them happy
  4. Developing something new can make them happy
  5. Cooking can make them happy

So there are several different ways by which humans can get happy, and the list can go on and on. Some people can just get happy by eating as well.

The whole purpose of writing this article is to encourage and motivate you all to start living your lives and not take too much head ache over smaller things that can be resolved.

If there is a problem or issue, then there is a solution to it beforehand. Therefore, no need to take things too personally. Try to be happy and keep everyone around you also happy.

Life is too short to be sad. You never know what will be the last day of the person you are living with or even for yourself, so it is always good to choose the lighter path that is by being happy. This will also help in ensuring that you live a successful live because, at the end of the day, a more successful and satisfied life is without any conflicts and wars.

You will have to understand that life is a phenomenon and not an expedition to search for something.

You should have your passion and should follow it, but you should not forget about smaller things that matter most in life, like;

  1. Spending time with family and friends
  2. Calling your friends and family if you don't live with them
  3. Talking nicely to the person who is next to you
  4. Speaking up when you feel something is wrong
  5. Taking things lightly
  6. Pursuing Happiness

These days I see people not taking care of their families and behaving as if it is for granted, without knowing that these are the moments that make up the whole life.

You never know when this time slips from your hand and you are left alone with those memories. So, always enjoy little moments in life and try to be more generous and kind towards the people around you.

Again as we wrap up, I would like to focus more on pursuing happiness part, because this is what most of us are unaware of. Happiness is not that can be given by anyone to you. You will have to figure out what things make you happy and pursue them diligently.

This is because you should not be regretful about the fact that you never pursued happiness or you never did those things that made you more you and less like a robot.

As a conclusion, I would like to say thanks to everyone who ever supported me and also to those who showed me how to go ahead in life and pursue happiness because not everyone is able to do that on their own, and this is something that I keep on telling people during my consultancies also.

To Be Happy & Think Aout Good Things, because that is what is going to make their journey through life less suffering.



    • Suniel Kumar Dhar

      Life is just like a journey on an unknown mountainous road with blind bends,rough and rugged terrain and to accomplish this journey we as human beings should always tread this path of life like a driver who drives with caution and care,with patience and positive bent of mind and feels optimistic that he will will tread this hilly and trechous terrain and will reach his destination safe and sound !!!


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