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20 Unique Facts about Jammu and Kashmir

Tags: Jammu and Kashmir, J&K

There are several things noticeable about Jammu and Kashmir. With beautiful valleys to fresh water lakes, there is something for everyone. Let us explore some of the unique facts about Jammu and Kashmir. Edit Delete

A Community of Yore!

Tags: Jammu and Kashmir, Vote, Election, Voter ID Cards

The season has once again come for our community to run from pillar to post for the inclusion of our near and dear ones in the electoral roll or correction of our names or for that matter for applying a fresh for our VOTER ID CARD, for which if I remember have been applying for the last two decades or more and this time I have been once again given an opportunity to revise our credentials in the electoral roll which I know will never be done. This is the same repeated story of our community, and we have seen this happening in the last so many seasons. Edit Delete

Are Inter-Caste Marriages Really Affecting Kashmiri Culture?

Tags: Marriage, Jammu and Kashmir, Kashmir

Usually it is believed that Birth and Marriages are not planned. I have heard it for a long now and this is the Law of Nature as well. Edit Delete

Are you planning to move to Hyderabad from Jammu and Kashmir?

Tags: Jammu and Kashmir, Hyderabad, Travel

People around the world travel, maybe because of studies or to earn money, but we do travel, and there are a lot of things that we learn while traveling to new places. Edit Delete

Babysitting at 65

Tags: Parenting, Lifestyle, Jammu and Kashmir

My new occupation – taking care of my grandchildren! Am sure several people in my age group shall be able to identify with the tagline. Babysitting and taking care of the grandkids has become a common practice in urbanized India. Edit Delete

How are Houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir Different?

Tags: Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala

The houseboats of Kerala and Kashmir, two of India's most picturesque states, offer unique experiences that reflect the diverse cultures, landscapes, and histories of these regions. Edit Delete

Jammu and Kashmir

Tags: Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the Union Territory of India and consists of the southern portion of the larger Kashmir region. The Line of Control separates Jammu and Kashmir from the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Edit Delete

Jammu at a Glance

Tags: Jammu

The winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir is bluffed on the Shivalik Range, overlooking the northern plains. The city was originally funded by Raja Jamboo Lochan who lived in 14th century BC. Edit Delete

Kashmiri Calendar

Tags: Jammu and Kashmir

Find all important Kashmiri Festivals and Dates at one place. Edit Delete

Kashmiri Hindu Festivals

Tags: Kashmiri Festivals, Kashmiri Culture, Jammu and Kashmir

The religious festivals of the Kashmiri Pandits have Rigvedic roots. Some festivals of Kashmiri Pandits are unique to Kashmir. Edit Delete

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