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    • Makeupwithbhumika

      Makeupwithbhumika (@bhumikathakur98)

      This is Bhumika Thakur, a budding makeup artist from the city of temples(Jammu). In my Profile, you will come across crazy things about my life as well as...

      Location: Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi , Chandigrah

      • Ashok Dullu

        Ashok Dullu (@ashokdullu)

        ...tirement passion is Knowledge, Books, Authorship. Areas of interest is Kashmir, Cultural...gation.Hinduism , Psychology..... Currently engaged in a book about Kashmiri poets......

        Interests: Kashmir






        • Mithlesh Dhar

          Kashmiri Recipes

          Kashmiri Cuisine is...he cuisine of the Kashmir Valley in...rritory of India. Kashmiris have; butter in the Kashmiri language...bsp;by Muslims in Kashmir. In the m...y The process of Kashmir's amalgam...ith the Neolithic Kashmir has been...

          Tags: Kashmiri Cuisine, Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir

          • Mithlesh Dhar

            Seri Panditaan Village in Jammu

            ...ures, and given some customs that Kashmiri Pandits...ld me that we are originally from Kashmir. We do no...maintained by priests of Mattan( Kashmir). We also trace their ancestry from Kashmir and have...

            Tags: Jammu and Kashmir

          Whats Up! post

            • Suniel Kumar Dhar

              Whats Up! post

              Today is Bhadrapad Sukhlapaksh Ashtami !!! It is also called Ganga Ashtami and Sharda Ashtami in kashmiri hindu culture ! Today is also birth anniversary of Laleshwari/ललदयद,a great mystic saint and poetess of kashmir !जय माता खीर भवानी ! 🙏🙏🙏
              • Dr. Suhul Dhar

                Whats Up! post

                Saddest Day in Kashmiri History. May his soul rest in peace. :(




                • Mithlesh Dhar

                  Balidan Divas

                  ...mber 14 is the death anniversary of the first Kashmiri Pandit T...last 30 years, this day is remembered by all Kashmiri pandits...e martyrs who were killed by the militants in Kashmir valley si...

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                • Sahiban Saptami Poshte 🙏

                  Sahiban Saptami Poshte 🙏

                  Today is also Shishar Sankrant! It is an auspicious day for Kashmiri Pandit Community, as The Sun on this day commemorates its celestial journey from the southern...

                  Tags: Kashmir Culture, Kashmiri Festivals

                • Hero Machama Artists

                  Hero Machama Artists

                  ...q Ali Khan 5. Ms. Anjana 6. Name Unknown Kashmiri pandit several theatres around India. Several Kashmiri artists...iel Kumar Dhar & Kamal Kishore Sharma. Kashmir's diversi...

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                • Jammu & Kashmir

                  Jammu & Kashmir

                  This is a Discussion Group for Jammu and Kashmir. Please share information and create Discussion Topics with regards to J&K. Kindly share relevant information and be respectful to others.

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