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    • Makeupwithbhumika

      Makeupwithbhumika (@bhumikathakur98)

      This is Bhumika Thakur, a budding makeup artist from the city of temples(Jammu). In my Profile, you will come across crazy things about my life as well as...

      Location: Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi , Chandigrah

      • Ashok Dullu

        Ashok Dullu (@ashokdullu)

        ...tirement passion is Knowledge, Books, Authorship. Areas of interest is Kashmir, Cultural...gation.Hinduism , Psychology..... Currently engaged in a book about Kashmiri poets......

        Interests: Kashmir






        • Mithlesh Dhar

          Mutton Yakhni

          Mutton Yakhni Tags: Kashmiri Recipes Mutton Yakhni is one of the popular dishes of Kashmiri Cuisine....nd flavorful dishes in the world. Original Kashmiri Recipe...

          Tags: Kashmiri Recipes

          • Mithlesh Dhar

            Rajmah Gogjie

            Rajmah Gogjie Tags: Kashmiri Recipes Rajmah Gogjie is a popular Kashmiri Dish tha...Procedure to make this delicious Kashmiri Dish....spoons Fennel Powder 1 Teaspoon Kashmiri Red Chil...

            Tags: Kashmiri Recipes

          Whats Up! post

            • Suniel Kumar Dhar

              Whats Up! post

              Today is Chaitra Maas Sukhlapaksha Tritya! And this day is known as Zang Trai in Kashmiri Hindu cultural traditions ! On this day kashmiri Pandit womenfolk visit their parental homes, and return back to their homes with different kinds of gifts.
              • Suniel Kumar Dhar

                Whats Up! post

                Today is Chaitra Maas Krishna Paksh Amavasya, the last day of Saptareshi and Vikrami Calender ! Tomorrow is Navreh, the first day of the new year as per Saptareshi and Vikrami संवत ! Navreh is the first day of the new year, as per Kashmiri Culture.!




                • Mithlesh Dhar

                  Balidan Divas

                  ...mber 14 is the death anniversary of the first Kashmiri Pandit T...last 30 years, this day is remembered by all Kashmiri pandits...e martyrs who were killed by the militants in Kashmir valley si...

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                • Jammu & Kashmir

                  Jammu & Kashmir

                  This is a Discussion Group for Jammu and Kashmir. Please share information and create Discussion Topics with regards to J&K. Kindly share relevant information and be respectful to others.

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