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What will it be like to travel from Hyderabad to Jammu and Kashmir by Road?

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    • Mithlesh Dhar

      Traveling from Hyderabad to Jammu and Kashmir is one of the things that I want to do. Although the distance is more than 2,000 km, there is still a lot of adventure that one can experience.

      It might take anywhere from 3 to 4 days to complete this trip.

      One of the things to consider while traveling from Hyderabad to Jammu and Kashmir is the vehicle that we are going to take with us. Diesel vehicles are going to get banned soon, so it may be the right time to buy one because after a few years or I believe after 15 years have passed, Diesel vehicles might not be relevant, so we can at least enjoy their low-end torque for some time.

      Plus having a body-on-frame vehicle is one of the best things to have for this trip instead of a monocoque structure because that provides a more commanding view of the road and will also help us in ensuring that we have good ground clearance.

      Although several sub-compact SUVs have come into the market these days, but most of them are glorified hatch backs. An SUV should be a body-on-frame structure with rear-wheel drive, and when we talk about compact SUVs that are in the Indian market today, not even a single vehicle provides these things.

      The only companies that are providing this currently are Toyota and Mahindra.

      Now because Toyota seems not to be focusing on new cars, Mahindra seems to be one of the best fits for this purpose, and its Bolero Neo is one of the cars that seems to be capable of handling this travel.

      This is because, it is the only vehicle or 7-seater SUV that has MLD function which is also known as Multi-Terrain Technology by Mahindra, and this actually helps in getting over bad road patches as well without any issues or without losing a sweat.

      One of the other reasons is that, because it's a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, it is one of the most capable vehicles while driving a Bolero Neo, one won't get tired easily and when we are going on a long trip we should be sitting on a large platform as that helps us be more energetic and feel less tired.

      While moving from Hyderabad, we will have to ensure that we are doing this trip in winter because that is the time when traveling becomes easy as we will not be experiencing any heat waves, and when we move north, we will start experiencing cold weather gradually as we move farther away from Hyderabad.

      So, the time will be December, especially on New Year and Christmas Holidays.

      Now, I prefer to leave early in the morning and will try to cover at least 500 to 600 km in a day. This will surely help us complete our trip in 4 days and them back to Hyderabad in 4 days. So there should be at least 15 days' holiday to complete this journey because we don't just want to go to Kashmir and then come back directly. We will also try and plan a stay in Kashmir.

      Our first stop will be Nagpur as it is 535 km away from Hyderabad and hence it becomes our first stop in this journey. Then our next stop will be around 700 km further in Gawalior. This will be a long drive but it will be one of the places that we will try to explore because I have never been to Madhya Pradesh before.

      Then our third stop will be from Gwalior to Delhi which is a small distance and is around 340 km drive and should not take more than 5 to 6 hours by road. We can stay in Delhi for some time as it is one of the places where we can do a lot of things and can also have some shopping time.

      Having said that we can then plan to drive to Jammu from Delhi, which will be around 10 hours of journey or 586 km in total. Now at Jammu, because I have my home, so we can stay there for some days and then plan to go to Patnitop or some other hill station, and the we can plan to move to Kashmir.

      It should not take more than 4 or 5 hours to cover 140 km from Jammu to Kashmir, and we should be able to reach there quite fast.

      In Kashmir, we can plan to check out snow-covered roads and Sonmarg, but in winter I guess it is too cold over there and we will try to stick mainly to the cities. This will help us explore popular tourist destinations in Kashmir like Shalimar Bhag and Nishat Bhag.

      We can also go to Dal Lake and Check out Vullar Lake.

      When we go from Jammu to Kashmir, we can also go to Very Naag, which is a small garden kind of structure in Anantnag region of Kashmir. Locals usually go there and enjoy the beauty and chillness of the small spring that is there in the garden.

      Then after exploring the city, we will try to return back to Hyderabad with same stops that we already discussed.

      This should be a memorable experience as it is one of the most awaited experiences that I want to have and would like to travel long distances using a capable car. 


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