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Short Story - Your value is known to the right people | Story of a father and a daughter | Find your inner spark through this short story | Story about being in the wrong place

black sedan parked on sidewalk during daytime

A father said to his daughter

"You just graduated, this is a car I bought a while ago... It is a few years old. But before I give it, take it to a car dealer in the city and sell it, see how much they offer.”

The girl came back to her father and said: "They offered 1000 euros because it looks very old"

The father said: Hold it and take it to the 2nd hand car dealer.
The girl returns to her father and says: "The pawn shop offered 100 euros because it is a very old car and lots of investments are needed to drive it again"

The father asked his daughter to join a passionate car club with experts and show them the car.

The girl drove the car to the passionate car club, turned, and said to her father: “Some people in the club offered me 100,000 euros because it is a rare car that is in good condition, with great capabilities, and super difficult to find.”

Then the father said, "I wanted to let you know that you are not worth anything if you are not in the right place."

If you are not appreciated, do not be angry, that means you are in the wrong place.

Don't stay in a place where no one sees your value

You will notice that conclusion of this story is going to be bigger than the story itself, and this is because as a human we need to understand that we all are special and yet we have several things in common with each other.

There are people around the world, who are working hard to reach success without listening to their inner calling, and this makes it difficult for them to succeed.

We should focus on our work and also listen to our inner selves. Today's life has become so fast that we forget to take out some time from our busy schedules to sit and introspect ourselves.

This becomes important these days because people around the world are working hard day in and day out and still they are not able to enjoy what they do.

Also, when you are in the wrong place, no matter how much you work hard, your value will always be less in the eyes of the people that you are working with or working for.

This takes me to the next thing, and that is you should work for your satisfaction and not for some human being.

If you love what you are doing, you will do it for yourself and not for someone else and this in turn will not feel like work and you will mostly feel relaxed and filled with motivation to do a little bit extra every single day, which will lead you to the doors of success.

Someone has rightly said;

Don't water yourself down, just because someone can't handle you at your 100% proof

And this is true, you have worked hard since your childhood to reach a certain level of expertise, and now people want you to change, just because they are not happy with what you do?

Not worth it!

There are more than 7 billion people in this world, it is not worth it to change yourself for the one who thinks that you are worthless.

You should take your stand and work until you find your tribe.


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