Gouri Tritya Greetings


Gouri Tritya Greetings

by Upender Ambardar

Gouri Tritya, locally known as Gaur Trai is the divine Birthday of the Goddess Saraswati, one of the aspects of the Supreme Mother Goddess, which is celebrated on the third day of Magh Shukla Paksh.

The Goddess Saraswati is the Presiding Deity of speech, learning, all kinds of knowledge,64 kinds of arts, crafts, Sciences, Sanskrit language n Devanagari letters. Saraswati known by the alternative names of Bharati, Brahmi, Vageshwari, or Vak Devi is the Shakti or Consort of Lord Brahma, the divine Creator.

SHE is celebrated both as a Deity n as a river symbolizing both fertility n purifying powers. Having a white complexion, SHE is depicted in having spotless white attire or a yellow drape holding Veena, a book, a rosary n a noose, or a trident in HER four hands.

White swan or a peacock r HER divine mounts. SHE is also the Presiding Deity of all the Hindu Shastras. The day prior to Gauri Tritya is known as Rang Doi, which is the day dedicated to the indigenously prepared colors used in the making of handmade Gori Trai. Only a few decades back it was made by hands by having impressions of elephants, grass, trees, swan peacock n an image of Saraswati with an accompanying Shaloka in Her praise on a white sheet of paper.

The Kul Brahman would bring it in the morning to each n every household.Taher(turmeric-added rice)is prepared in the morning n pooja is offered to it. Instead of the image, the blessings of the Goddess Saraswati r invoked by applying tilak of sandal paste or turmeric to the religious books n books of children n musical instruments. White-colored flowers r also offered to them. Small children r also initiated into the symbolic learning of the alphabet on the morning of Gouri Tritya.

With best wishes for the day 
Upender Ambardar


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