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Role of Kashmiri Pandit Sabha in Socio-cultural,religious and politcal matters of Kashmiri Community

I remember, on my occasional visits to Jammu before 1990, and in the peaceful days of the '70s and '80s, I was advised by elders to stay at the premises of Kashmiri Pandit Sabha Ambphalla, as it meant an address for our community in those days. I am of the notion that the founders of this Sabha, KPS in short had this vision and they established this Sabha for the Kashmiri Pandit Community at Jammu to work for the interests of our community members in Jammu, which was frequently visited by our community people or for those people who settled in Jammu Province in those times.

But, after the exodus of 1990, the role of KPS Jammu changed and it became a representative Sabha of all the Kashmiri Pandit Community of erstwhile J&K State and its functions also increased manifold. No doubt KPS Jammu played a brilliant role and became a front-runner in helping, guiding, and providing basic necessities to the vulnerable community, at the time of exodus in 1990. This Sabha worked day and night in providing basic needs to this unfortunate community.

For the last 34 years and since our displacement from the valley, I as a member of the Kashmiri Pandit Community look at Kashmiri Pandit Sabha KPS Jammu my Representative Group who will look at my socio- cultural and religious and also my political aspirations, and this KPS JAMMU is and be our only Representative Group to work for the welfare of our community at any level and in any activity at local, national or international level. KPS Jammu has a brilliant past and its founders worked for Kashmiri Pandit Community in preserving our culture and enriching our cultural values at Jammu.

I think we as community members should work on this aspect and work to build our bonding with KPS, and work for its growth at all fronts KPS Jammu should make a new beginning in taking new initiatives for representing our community at every front be it political, cultural or social aspect and increase its base taking our emerging issues haunting the community as a whole, be it our rehabilitation or other issues.


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    • Mithlesh Dhar

      So true, we should have a focused vision of what we want. Using our efforts, we should work towards building schools, colleges, and hospitals for Kashmiri People rather than spending huge sums on rituals that are not going to help society as a whole.

      Doing prayers is good, but helping people in need is worth all the prayers ...


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      • Sanjeev Munshi

        Kashmiri Sabhas across the country started out as meeting points for KPs in a particular city. Places like Jammu and Amritsar also evolved as temporary shelters for visiting KPs. I recall having stayed at KPS Amritsar as a student in 1970. KPS Jammu was a hub for KPs in 1970s under the dynamic leadership of Pt Jagarnath ji. However, most of the KPS have limited themselves to organizing periodic havans. Time has come for community leaders to use these platforms for greater development activity, including preparing youth for competition( Civil Services etc). At some stage these can become a nidus for our talent. For that, visionary leadership is needed. We need another Pt AN Vaishnavi and Kashyap Bandhu.


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