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Dark Side of Human Resources

Tags: Human Resources, Dark Side

Someone has to raise the voice against bad practices in Human Resources. Employers have exploited employees several times, and HRs have been a mook spectator in several organizations. Edit Delete

HR Policies and Procedures

Tags: HR Policies, HR Policy

In the dynamic landscape of modern businesses, Human Resources (HR) policies and procedures serve as the backbone, providing structure, guidance, and a framework for employee-employer interactions. Edit Delete

Human Resource Business Partner Job Opening

Tags: Jobs

Job Opening with KFIN Technologies Limited for Human Resource Business Partner Role. Please refer to the below job description for more information. Edit Delete

Human Resource Data Analyst Job Opening

Tags: Jobs

There is a job opening with Advantmed India LLP for the role of Human Resource Data Analyst. Please go through the below job description for more information about this position. Edit Delete

Human Resource Management

Tags: HR, Human Resource

Human Resource Management is the strategic and coherent approach to effective and efficient management of people in an organization such that they help their business gain a competitive advantage. Edit Delete

Human Resources

Tags: Human Resources, HR

Human resources (HR) is the backbone of any organization, encompassing the individuals who constitute the workforce and the management processes that govern their interactions and contributions. Edit Delete

Interesting facts about Human Resources

Tags: Human Resources, HR

HR Department is one of the most important parts of any organization, without which imagining operations of the company is near to impossible. As an employee, you often approach your HR department to discuss issues regarding compensation or policies and guidelines. But you might be unaware of all that goes on behind-the-senes in HR Management! Edit Delete

Mithlesh Dhar

Tags: Yekjah

With vast experience in Human Resource Analytics, I have been working on several projects ranging from Automation of HR Processes to Providing Analytical Insights to Stake Holders Edit Delete

The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior

Tags: Organizational Behavior, OB, Dark Side, Human Resources, HR

The Dark Side of Organizational Behavior refers to the negative aspects of organizational behavior that can negatively impact employees, the organization, and even society as a whole. Edit Delete

What are the different tools used in HR Analytics?

Tags: HR Analytics, Human Resources

As HR is moving towards a more Data Driven role, so HR Analytics has become one of the important jobs in all organizations. There was a time when only a few companies used to hire HR Analysts, and even after hiring HR Analysts used to work on other HR functions and not the HR reports etc, but today we receive many job openings in HR or People Analytics. This article will cover some of the tools that are being used in HR or People Analytics for analyzing HR data. Edit Delete

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