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Which is the best Biryani in Hyderabad? | Why is Hyderabadi Biryani not so good?

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    Although many people will disagree, the reality is that Hyderabad doesn't stand up to its hype of tasty Biryani.

    I have traveled to different parts of India, and North India has one of the best Biryani that I have had. But traveling to Hyderabad was a dream come true because I was going to taste its world-famous Biryani, and that too in its famous restaurant "Paradise".

    No doubt, that the quality of preparation is good, and quantity is also good, but there seems to be something missing in the Biryani that Hyderabad serves.

    Most famous hotels and restaurants fail in providing delicious Biryani. 

    Having said that, there are still some restaurants that serve really tasty Biryani in Hyderabad. The reason was that I was always fond of traveling to Hyderabad and having delicious Hyderabadi Biryani, but when I initially had some Biryanis, many times the chicken or mutton was not cooked properly, and there was some redness in the meat.

    So, I was disappointed a bit, as I received a Biryani that was having uncooked meat in some cases.

    The second thing that I noticed was that most of the Biryani cooked in Hyderabad were not given "Dum", which means that the meat hasn't absorbed the flavor of the spices.

    I have seen restaurants and hotels, cooking Biryani in a frying pan, and then serving them in bowls, which again disappointed me and I was not getting the richness in the taste.

    Are there any good restaurants that serve tasty Biryani in Hyderabad?
    Yes, some restaurants serve tasty biryani as well. I did some research and got to know that all the famous restaurants, were only having names because they were old or were doing a lot of marketing.

    Some of the delicious Biryani that I had in Hyderabad were from the below restaurants;

    • Ruchi Karam Restaurant
    • Shah Ghouse

    Now, not only Biryani, but even famous food items like "Irani Tea", and "Shawarma" were not that good in some of the best restaurants in Hyderabad.

    If you want to have Sharwama, I will recommend trying Mohammedia Shawarma.

    Hyderabad has one of the tasty foods, but you should know where to go looking for them because sometimes even the famous restaurants don't have that quality. You should try and meet some local people and take their advice in buying the famous items in a location.

    This is because once a place is famous for something, many people try to take advantage of that food item, by creating their look-alike products, but if you are at the right place, you will be able to have great food and that too at the best price possible.


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