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How does it feel to have permanent work from home?

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    • Wilson Levi

      Working Permanently From Home can be kind of different from what most people think. This is because when you are working from the office and if you are in an industry that supports Work From Home (WFH), then you actually have a choice to work from home or the office.

      But when you are working from home permanently, then you have no choice but to work from home.

      And these statements are all the difference that is there in the feeling of working from the office or doing WFH. Below are some of the things that only people working from home permanently can understand:

      1. People think as if someone working from home permanently is free all the time:
        Yes, that's true, because most of the people that work from home are always in their home dresses, and they seem to be roaming around the house, and even outside sometimes with their laptops and mobile phones. It seems as if they have all the time in the world, while actually, they are trying to find a good network or dealing with a client on call.
      2. Your schedule changes:
        When you are working from the office, you know that you have to get ready early in the morning or before your office shift and leave. You plan accordingly and keep some time for breakfast and even exercise, but on the other hand, when you are permanently working from home, you have no schedule or priority as such for yourself.

        Although you slowly adjust yourself to this new means of working by including meals and exercise in your daily routine, initially it is just you waking up and opening your laptop for checking emails.

        And if you are with your family, then your schedule changes as per the itinerary of the day.
      3. You become fat:
        Well, if you haven't scheduled some time for exercise, you definitely start becoming fat if you are permanently working from home. This is because your body wanted some kind of walking throughout the day, and even if you eat more with your friends in the office, still you are able to burn those calories by walking up and down the floors of your office. This luxury of walking and keeping yourself fit doesn't come with permanent work from home, and the scary part of this is that you are permanently working from home, so that means, there is never going to be any walking while you are doing WFH.
      4. You don't talk to anyone throughout the day:
        Well, this usually applies to those who don't have a team as such and are working with international clients. This is because when your team will send you emails, you will be sleeping and when you will wake up, you will already have a set of tasks that you will have to complete.

        And because you are not working from the office, so you will not speak even a single word until the evening when you again go out of your house to buy something. It's like keeping silent for the whole day and only talking in your mind.
      5. You save fuel:
        This is obvious when you are at home and working permanently from home only, so you are able to save fuel costs because you don't have to go to clients or meet anyone at any time of the year.
      6. You crave outings:
        People who work from home are the ones who want to go out every weekend, and sometimes even on weekdays. If you are also one who is working permanently from home, then you would also like to roam around in your local market just to have tea or coffee and see people walking around.
      7. You are always trying to learn something new:
        Usually, people who permanently work from home have to learn new things on a day-to-day basis in order to be relevant in the current Gig Economy. This is because you can be replaced by anyone anytime if you are not up to date with new technologies or skills in your industry.
      8. You are always multi-tasking:
        This is also true because people who are permanently working from home have to address both client queries and home queries, therefore they are always multi-tasking. For example, there was one of my friends who had to cook food for himself and his family just because he was working from home, and he had access to all the vegetables and cooking instruments.

      Although working from home is fun, permanently working from home is something that you should try and avoid, because it has several demands and if you are not able to address those demands properly then your health, both mental and physical will get affected.

      If you feel like I have missed any point, please feel free to comment or write another answer by logging in to thewiki Network.


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