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    • Krish Raj

      Krish Raj (@krishraj7)

      I am backed by my pure intentions to achieve the dream i have. 

      Interests: Music and Travelling

      • Harsha Deshmukh

        Harsha Deshmukh (@Harsha)

        A strategic thinker and a motivated PGDM (Marketing+HR) fresh graduate with proven communication, organizational and leadership skills. Highly passionate about...

        Interests: Travelling


        • Wilson Levi

          World's Oldest Cosmetics Company - Shiseido

          ...nbsp; Arinobu passed on his company to his son, Shinzo Fukuhara, who became the company's second president in 1913. After Shinzo's experience travelling to Europe...
          • Wilson Levi

            Olympic Games

            ...peace or truce. This idea is a modern myth because the Greeks never suspended their wars. The truce did allow those religious pilgrims who were travelling to Olympi...



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