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How is Fiama Di WIlls Soap?

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    • Svetlya Anukudinova


      Fiama Di Wills Soap is a glycerine soap that is usually used for taking a bath. 

      It is manufactured by ITC (Indian Tobacco Company) and has ingredients similar to that of any glycerine soap.

      Although the formulation and concentration of ingredients or raw materials may differ from other companies.

      I am not a regular user of this soap, but this soap is quite good, especially the Blackcurrent & Bearberry one. I have used it for taking baths, and glycerine content seem good as compared to other soaps like Pears.

      This helps in giving a better moisturizing effect than its competitors.

      Also, its fragrance is better than several other glycerine soaps, and it is also long-lasting usually. And because it comes from a good and renowned brand, therefore we can trust that this product is tested for safety to all kind of skin types.

      Having said that, you may not like this soap if you are a constant user of oil-based soaps, because those soaps have more moisture-locking properties.

      But overall this soap is good, and you can even use it daily to get rid of any dirt or germs. This is because one can use any soap to get rid of dirt or germs :)

      Also, one should understand it depends on one's choice if they want to go for a type of soap or not, and ITC also calls it a "Bathing Gel Bar" and not a soap, because obviously, it is not a soap, but a bathing bar.

      We cannot call everything soap. A bar of soap is specifically made with fats and alkali. Therefore it is good that this company has refrained from calling it a soap.

      This also shows good research and a proper value system within the research and development department in ITC, as they have ensured that no one should be able to question their product in any way.



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