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Cosmetic Search Engine is one of the first initiatives to help people around the world connect with Cosmetic Raw Material Suppliers or Vendors.

Cosmetic Companies around the world require huge quantities of raw materials on a daily basis and also because of the innovations happening in the cosmetics industry, there are requirements for new cosmetic products on a daily basis, which can only be adhered to if cosmetic raw materials are readily available with the Research and Development professionals.

For several years the only way to communicate with Raw Material Vendors has been using Social Networks and Referrals, but it is a time-consuming process and sometimes Research and Development experts are not able to reach the Raw Material Vendors that actually have the required raw materials.

This is because email ids and phone numbers are not available readily through connections and referrals and sometimes even using a dedicated website.

Some companies tried to create a repository of INCI names and cosmetic raw material vendors, but usually, they charge some fee to do the same.

You could search for cosmetic raw materials and will be able to see several companies or organizations that actually charge the vendors and the customers both to access the repository or database that has all the phone numbers and email ids.

To counter this issue, thewiki Cosmoline worked towards a process to help Raw Material Vendors connect seamlessly with the Research and Development Experts and vice versa.

This was done by creating a repository of Raw Materials and their suppliers that can be used by Research and Development Professionals or any individual, in that case, to search for contact details of Raw Material Vendors like Email IDs and Phone Numbers.

This is amazing because now there is no wait time and people are able to get contact details and information like MOQ and Price easily and readily.

What is the benefit for Raw Material Suppliers or Vendors to use thewiki Cosmoline's Cosmetic Raw Material Search Engine?
One of the biggest advantages to Raw Material Vendors in using thewiki Cosmoline's Cosmetic Raw Material Search Engine is that Research and Development experts search for raw materials and their supplier contact details on a regular basis, which if there is any raw material that is not available in the database, it is saved as a question.

For example, if someone is searching for "Stearic Acid", and it is not present in the repository then, it is saved as a question:

Do you have Stearic Acid?

Because of this Raw Material Vendors can click on the Yes button in order to answer the same and add their contact details. Therefore, if someone next time searches for "Stearic Acid", they will be able to see the contact details entered by the Raw Material Vendor, hence increasing the sales in the longer run.

There is one more benefit of using Cosmetic Raw Material or Cosmetic Search Engine and that is by using this search engine and platform Raw Material Vendors can keep an eye on new requirements of the Research and Development experts because of which they will also be able to keep stock of relevant items.

Therefore, it also decreases the wastage of the Raw Material Vendors and they can also be way ahead of the curve.

There are some other benefits also that Raw Material Vendors can experience like they can even add their listing on thewiki Network which is a social networking platform, hence increasing the chances of getting more eye on their raw materials.

As we know there is a lot of competition in cosmetic industry and the way we sell our products really matters, and we also need to be ahead of the curve, so thewiki Cosmoline's Cosmetic Search Engine is one of the best platforms for Raw Material Vendors and Research and Development Experts to connect with each other without any issues.

Especially for new professionals who don't have a ready repository of contact details, this can be really helpful for them in ensuring that they are able to perform from the first day that they are hired.

Therefore, colleges should also teach usage of the Cosmetic Search Engine in their colleges and also let them know how they can use this information to even start their own business from scratch, because in today's world one of the major thing is having connections and a platform to get contacts.

Ones those have access to databases and repositories are able to perform better in addressing issues and also are able to get more innovative solutions for the same.

It doesn't matter in which country you are located, if you are selling your Raw Materials then you should definitely upload your repository on thewiki Cosmoline's Cosmetic Raw Material Search Engine. This will enable more transparency and exposure to your raw materials hence increasing the sales of your products and services.

Also, if you are a cosmetic company or a start up that wants to get hold on cosmetic raw materials on a cheaper rate, you can send email to 100s of raw material vendors on Cosmetic Search Engine and expect competitive prices because each of the vendor has voluntarily added their items on this platform and they can operate independent on their own without any middle cmen charges.

So, you can also be rest assured that the prices that are quoted by the people bia emails are one of the best in the market.

Although you can right now see that most of the vendors are from India, but we have seen a growth in exports and also addition of new contact details from several different countries as well. This is because more and more people want to be on a platform that is as easy as Google to be used and provides only that information that is actually required by the R&D experts.

Therefore, Cosmetic Search Engine is a platform that can be used by anyone around the world to either add their raw materials or products in the database or by R&D experts to get contact information of the Raw Material Vendors around the world.

It doesn't matters if you are from USA, UK, UAE, Europe, Australia or any other country in the world, this website and platform is for everyone who wants to be a part of this ever growing community of cosmetics professionals.


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