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Knowde™ vs UL Prospector - The #1 Chemistry Marketplace | Which is best Knowde™ or UL Prospector? | New entrant in Cosmetic Directory Knowde™ challanges UL Prospector on Advertisements | Knowde™ vs UL Prospector vs thewiki Cosmoline

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UL Prospector is a well-known brand in the cosmetics industry, and several cosmetic professionals have used it for years now to search for raw material vendors and source formulations.

It is one of the biggest known material databases across the world and has achieved this status by providing every single way to filter down to what is required by the customer.

But there seems to be a new entrant in this market segment. Yes, Knowde™ has come and directly challenged UL Prospector by giving an advertisement where they have given the statement "Knowde™ vs UL Prospector".

Initially when we used to search UL Prospector, then we used to land on its website in google search, but today, we can see Knowde™ vs UL Prospector advertisement coming when we search for UL Prospector. It's not bad to come into competition, but in my opinion, it is never better to directly show yourself standing against the market leader.

Especially with only a heading to gain more traffic.

We can only see a simple page when we click on the "Knowde™ vs UL Prospector" google ad, and that page has nothing about the rivalry that they want to take on with UL Prospector. But it seems that Knowde™ has used Ul Prospector's keyword to rank higher in google search and hence is trying to gain more traffic.

Why Knowde™ vs UL Prospector?
Knowde™ seems to provide information about products and suppliers, and it claims to be the industry's most powerful search engine allowing you to search by name, manufacturer, function, end-use, features, and more.

Also, it claims to have predictive algorithms designed specifically for the Cosmetic industry, by which Knowde™ allows you to find what you need fast so you never have to stop innovating.

It has also given a list of some of the suppliers, which seems to be supporting Knowde™, or at least have shared their information with the search engine or database. These suppliers include;

  • Sasol
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • AdvanSix
  • Arxada
  • Vynova
  • Cargill
  • Givaudan
  • Dow
  • DSM
  • Dupont
  • Roquette
  • Nouryon

There seem to be more companies and suppliers who might have shared their databases with them.

Is it good to show your rivalry like Knowde™ vs UL Prospector has done?
It's not like Cocacola and ThumbsUp. You don't actually need to showcase any competition by stealing the keywords of other companies or making advertisements on another market leader's names.

It was funny of Knowde™ to use UL Prospector's name to rank higher in the traffic war.

I won't say it is a clean game, because one needs to have proper knowledge of keywords and digital marketing to rank higher in google searches, and it is done over time. One should not try and use other competition names to show their competition against them. But obviously, it is my personal opinion, and people who do this within the industry may have their own reasons.

I believe it is better to let the growth be slow and steady rather than one time going up and then down forever.

I have seen several new brands doing the same mistake and they actually fall short when they try to give a head-on to the market leader. 

Why Knowde™ may fail in Knowde™ vs UL Prospector?
There are many reasons for Knowde™ 's defeat, and one of the major things that might affect its success is the size of the database that UL Prospector has.

Although money overpowers everything, one should take the example of Wikipedia and Encyclopedia. Both are awesome, but obviously, Wikipedia has one of the vast databases and might have some of the most amazing history information, which might be overlooked in a structured company that works on standard procedures.

It is always great, and I have seen several start-ups starting with this spirit to take over the market leader, but in the end, they usually fail because they don't have a substantial database to provide to the customers or end users.


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