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6 Types of Hair Damages

6 Types of Hair Damaged 

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Having beautiful hair is the wish of every woman. We take a lot of care of our hair, even when we face many problems with our hair. Dealing with hair damage becomes a never-ending story in quest of long, beautiful, thick, and healthy locks.

No matter how well you treat your hair, experiencing split ends, breakage, dull and lustreless hair along with heavy hair fall. Your hair goes through several harsh impacts such as sunlight, hair styling products, coloring,  using heat, hair mask, and shampooing daily. Some other culprits of your hair damage act as an add-on like stressful life and tight ponytails or locking, as well as pulling hair. But at some point in time, your hair indicates signs of damage from daily wear and tear. You have to notice them. If you observe that your hair is lacking luster, moisture, or density, it might be time to diagnose the problem and work toward a solution.

There are certain common causes of damage that you can reverse with the right solution.

Split Ends 

We all agree split ends can be frustrating when you want a good look at your hair. In split ends, your hair ends splitting into two and does not look good. Split ends are the most common kind of hair damage. But do not worry,  you can do something about it, you don't need to chop your hair, just trim it or take the help of a good hairdresser.

Besides this, you can also try hair masks that focus on split ends. The deep conditioning with tons of nutrients ingredients will also help in ending the split.

Overpressed Hair

Coloring, hair dye can damage your hair. The hair can wreak havoc on your strands. For this, you can apply a repairing hair mask once a week or use protein-rich and formulated to repair over-processed hair, the deep conditioning mask adds luster and makes softer, smoother, and shinier hair.

Damage from Heat Styling

We know how bad heat styling is for the hair, yet we still use it. Heat styling damage occurs and makes your hair dull and dry. Luckily, you can reduce it with proper care and attention. Or even prevent damage from happening due to heat styling. How will you do it?  You can do it with a hair mask that restores necessary hydration to your strand, and it can nourish over-styled hair and provide strands the boost of hydration it requires.

In addition, you can use a hydrating hair mask, you may also want to switch to a cool tool that heats your strands without sacrificing their moisture levels.

Sun Damage

The sun can also damage your hair and lead to discoloration, frizziness, split ends, and brittleness. And just like your skin, you need to protect your hair with a UV protectant. For protecting your hair from UV, you can use hair serum based on UV protection. It should have the ability to not only protect from the damaging effects of the sun, but also nourish, detangle, and condition your hair. 

Overstressed Your Hair

If your hair is overstressed, you apply a nourishing hair mask that restores and repairs strength and recovers damage. You can also replenish stressed strands and protect them from mechanical damage at the same time with such a mask. 

Chemical Damage

If you are frequently using chemical treatments as a beauty regimen, it can damage your hair. So, you need to treat your hair to prevent the damage and put life in it. Again, a hair mask will help to prevent damage. It will also reverse it. The revitalizing treatments enhance elasticity, reconstruction of hair strands by adding protein and giving a new life. It will make your hair shinier, smoother, and healthier looking. 


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