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Kashmir – Our Lost Paradise


Kashmir – Our Lost Paradise

4ft x 7ft
Acrylic on canvas

Homeland is not where we simply live; but it is a land wherein we have our roots and legacy, history and culture, language and literature, traditions and customs, religion and philosophy, all that which gives us an identity. For the miniscule Kashmiri Hindu (Pandit) community, Kashmir is the land of their forefathers, bestowed unto them by Rishi Kashyap, over 5000 odd years back. Our Panchang( traditional almanac, called Saptrishi Samvat) is marking the beginning of year 5099 on March 22, 2023 – an unbroken chain of history extending to almost 5100 years of existence in Kashmir Valley. Pandit Kalhan has recorded its history since the Mahabharat times! 
 It is here that Shiv Darshan evolved and took root, that Lord Shiva Himself revealed the Shiv Sukhtas to Acharya Vasugupt, where Adi Shankar created his treatise on Tantra – the Saundarya Lahiri; where Acharya Abhinavgupta attracted thousands of disciples from across India. This land saw the flourishing of one of India's foremost centres of learning – the Sharada Peeth that attracted scholars and students from all over India, Tibet, China and other countries. At Sharada Peeth, scholars of various schools of religious thought, including Buddhist, Jain, Tibetan culture and language, Shiva, Shakth and Vaishnav met, discussed and debated!
For the last 8 centuries, marauders, bigots and zealots have exploited this land of culture and knowledge, turning it into a battle zone. Intolerance in the name of religion saw murders and exploitation of the worst type engulf the valley. The vale saw Ethnic Cleansing SEVEN times in the last 800 years when its original residents were forced to flee to save their freedom of thought and right to practice their religion of choice. The last of these wounds was inflicted in 1990 when over 5 Lakh Pandits were forced to flee, almost overnight, with what they had on their backs!

Ravi Dhar, the artist who created this masterpiece painting has shown the Kashmiri Pandit way of life in the valley before migration, the important landmarks (Tulmul, Chakrishwar), its beautiful gardens, a Mekhal Yagna in process. He has also shown the evolution of lifestyle with young girl, in modern outfits, walking along the waterways.  Muslim artisans at work symbolically reflect the composite culture of the valley! Restoration of our Homeland in Kashmir  is our aspiration and the Nature of Justice demands that the inalienable rights of the aboriginals be shown respect. 

Sanjeev Munshi

Pt. Sanjeev Munshi ji is a erudite scholar, writer and researcher. I am very thankful to him for writing this article for my painting.
Ravi Dhar


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