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          Answer on How to make money when you are in school?

          Although you are studying in school, it is always fun to earn while you learn. You can make money in several ways even when you go to school, and it even feels great when you start making money early in life as it teaches you real marketing skills,...
            Mikhail Agapov
            Although you are studying in school, it is always fun to earn while you learn. You can make money in several ways even when you go to school, and it even feels great when you start making money early in life as it teaches you real marketing skills,...

            Although you are studying in school, it is always fun to earn while you learn. You can make money in several ways even when you go to school, and it even feels great when you start making money early in life as it teaches you real marketing skills, and how you can use your talents to make a fortune when you study. Below are some of the ideas by which you can make money while you are studying in school.

            1. Give your comics or movies on rent:
            As a school-going student, you may be having some comics and story books or even movies that you may have watched several times. When I was a kid, I used to get one new movie CD on my birthday, which I used to watch and then those were just part of my collection.

            You can rent out those comics or movies to your friends or your neighborhood for cheaper rates. This will help you earn some bucks without even investing anything upfront. You can even keep late fees or rent your comics and movies on a day-to-day basis, and hence you will end up having a constant flow of passive income.

            This is awesome because you also learn how to manage inventory. For this, you can use a simple pen and paper to track your clients or can even create a spreadsheet on your laptop.

            2. Check the stuff you don't need and sell them:
            As a school-going kid, you usually have piles of notebooks or study materials that you may not need because you may have been promoted to new classes. You may even have clothes or some items that are of no use to you. In that case, you can sell them at a cheaper rate, which will help some needy students to get hold of those important study materials and you will also earn a few bucks.

            Just ensure not to sell something that you may be attached to or your parents may be attached to. You can take permission from your parents before selling your stuff.

            3. Create a blog:
            Blogs are one of the best ways to build your empire as a student, and that is because as a student, you are always learning something new. Therefore, you can add those details to a blog or website. This may require you to ask for some funding from your parents if you are going for a professional website, or for some time you can also use free blogging websites like thewiki Network.

            You can easily register and start writing blogs on your new learnings or your day-to-day experiences. This will be like a guiding star for new generations, as they may also have similar situations like you, and your solutions can help them, hence making their life easy.

            To monetize this, you can either set up advertisements or can also write sponsored posts once your blog starts getting good traffic. To get more traffic, you can share your blogs with your friends and connections, and this will also encourage local vendors to connect with you for advertisements.

            4. Sell newspapers or cans in scrap:
            Usually, households have a lot of newspapers and cans or even glass bottles that get accumulated over time. You can sell those items into scrap and can make a few cents that you can save to buy something in the near future. This is one of the most efficient ways because most countries have scrap buyers in the locality, and you can always take your parent's help in doing so, and they will also be happy to help you.

            This is because usually newspapers, plastic bottles, glass, and even cans get thrown into garbage collection bins in apartment or societies, which is not of any value to you, but if you are able to sell them, then you can make a few cents to meet some of your school requirements as well.

            5. Take Tuition of Students in Lower Classes than You:
            If you feel you are good in any of the subjects, you can take the tuition of the students that are in lower grades or classes for some tuition fee. I used to go for my maths tuition to one of my friends who was good in maths, and for that, he used to charge me around $5 per month, which was reasonable, as it helped me a lot and I was also able to pass the examination with flying colors.

            6. If you are good with pets, then work as a pet sitter:
            Pet sitting is one of the most underrated jobs. These days in societies and apartment groups, most of the families have pets and they need to take pets for a walk. If you love dogs, you can also work as a pet sitter or a dog walker, and this will actually fetch you some good amounts of money.

            Also, it will help you make some new furry friends and you will always be happy and healthy as you will also make a habit of walking every day to take dogs for a walk.

            7. Car Cleaning Services:
            These days, car cleaning services have sky rocketed, and hence you can come to the rescue. You can advertise in your local groups that you can clean some cars in the morning or evening time for a set amount of money, and people usually are happy to pay a few dollars to get their cars cleaned on a daily basis. This will not earn you a lot of money, but at least you will have something for yourself and you will also be strong as it takes a bit of hard work to clean cars.

            8. Check in your school for any open positions:
            Schools usually have activity clubs or editorial boards, where they usually take students. You can apply for those positions and that can also help you make some money while you learn new things in your day to day life.

            Someone has rightly said, saving a penny is equivalent to earning a penny.

            So you can always try to save some money by;

            • Shopping on discount - You can go to stores that offer good discounts, or can even look for coupons and promo codes online. This will again help you save some bucks every month.
            • Open a Savings Account - If you already have some money or if you get some pocket money, then you should open a savings account, as banks provide some interest on your savings also. So if you have some money, you can actually make some interest on the save while it is kept in your savings account. It is not much, but it is still enough to get a new pen every month.
            • Having a piggie bank - Piggie Banks are one of the best tools to save the coins and extra change that seem worthless and may fall down. So, what I usually do is that, I always put my change and coins in my piggie bank and after a few months when it is full, then I break it down and take all that money to buy the things that I want or I simply add them to my savings account to earn more interest.

            There are several ways by which you can make money as a student, you just need to figure out ways by which you can sell or market a service or product. This will eventually help you in making some money and also enhance your interpersonal and marketing skills, which is a mandate for most of the jobs these days.


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