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      Answer on What are different Personal Hygiene Products?

      Personal Hygiene is one of the important aspects of any human, but to start discussing what are the different personal hygiene products, let's first try to understand what personal hygiene actually means. What is Personal Hygiene? Personal...
        Mikhail Agapov
        Personal Hygiene is one of the important aspects of any human, but to start discussing what are the different personal hygiene products, let's first try to understand what personal hygiene actually means. What is Personal Hygiene? Personal...

        Personal Hygiene is one of the important aspects of any human, but to start discussing what are the different personal hygiene products, let's first try to understand what personal hygiene actually means.

        What is Personal Hygiene?
        Personal Hygiene means taking care of oneself physically as well as mentally to lead a clean and hygienic life. It usually starts from one's personal appearance and then leads to how one perceives his or her own image.

        Most of the time, when we talk about Personal Hygiene we are talking about the physical well-being and cleanliness of an individual.

        Why is Personal Hygiene important?
        Personal Hygiene is important because it helps ensure that we are in one of the best physical shape and also are in one of the best mental states to interact with the world around us. 

        For example, if you are not physically clean and fresh then you will not be in a good mood throughout the day, and hence you may look frustrated and cranky during your work or study hours. Therefore, it is important to keep oneself clean, both physically and mentally to enjoy the day to the fullest.

        Whether it is school, college, or workplace, personal hygiene is one of the basic aspects of life that one should follow and know how to practice good personal hygiene habits.

        So, what are the different Personal Hygiene Products?
        There are several different Personal Hygiene Products in the market these days and one can get confused as to what to use and what not to use. Although there are no limits to what you are using to keep your personal hygiene game on top, still there are some basic Personal Hygiene Products that you should always be aware of.

        Now when I list these products you will say they are too basic, still these are the things that we usually forget in our day-to-day busy life. So, below are the lists of basic Personal Hygiene Products;

        1. Water for Bathing:
        Although we take a bath on a daily basis, sometimes we just underestimate the power of taking a bath with water instead of using wet wipes. As technology has grown, we have started rubbing ourselves with wet wipes instead of using water to take a bath in several parts of the world, especially the ones that are more developed.

        Maybe you are thinking of saving some water, but still taking a bath with water at least once a day is one of the mandatory practices for good personal hygiene.

        Not only does taking a bath with water help you to keep yourself refreshed, but it also helps you keep yourself hydrated by maintaining your body temperature. Also, by taking baths regularly with water, you are able to get rid of extra salt and mineral or dust deposits on your face and skin and are also able to get rid of skin problems in the long run.

        Some people use wet wipes or things like these when they are in a hurry, but a foul smell always follows them because they didn't take a proper bath with water. Now I am not saying to waste your water by taking long hot baths. A simple warm bath using a bucket full of water is enough to keep you going for the day.

        2. Use Hair Oil:
        Using hair oil is one of the basics of personal hygiene. Your hair needs nourishment and that can be given by regular use of hair oil. Now I don't say to use hair oil in huge quantities, still, you should put a few drops on your hand and then rub your hands for some time to let it become warm, and then use the hair oil to brush up your hair.

        Obviously the quantity of oil will depend upon the volume of hairs on your head.

        This will give a beautiful shine to your head and will also help you keep your hair beautiful and set for a longer period of time. Some people use creams and gels, which are also fine, but using a classic oil on your wet hair is one of the best things you can do for your growing hair.

        Also, massaging your hair and scalp promotes healthy growth of hair follicles and you are also able to provide nourishment to the scalp and hair, so before going bathing you can use some oil to massage your hair and then wash your hair. This will also help in getting rid of dust and other unwanted residues in your hair and you will feel more lite on your head.

        3. Underarm deodorant:
        This is again one of the best innovations in the cosmetics industry because it should be on your list to have if you want to keep your personal hygiene game on top of the world. This is because underarm deodorants especially rollers help in masking the odors that may occur and also are able to reduce the precipitation that again helps in regulating the foul odour during your heavy day work.

        Try using it just after you have taken a bath and it will make you feel more refreshed and keep you smelling beautiful throughout the day. People will surely complement you because most of the underarm deodorant rollers have light fragrance that doesn't frustrates or irritates people with sensitive noses.

        4. Trim your hair (Have a trimmer handy):
        Having a trimmer handy is one of the important things in personal grooming and hygiene. It never looks good to have uneven growth, both in the case of hair and beard.

        Therefore, having a trimmer nearby will help you keep yourself up to date for any upcoming event and will also help you ensure that you never go anywhere without having a trim for the day.

        I usually start my day by trimming my beard and outgrown hairs around my body to make it look even and also this adds up to more charm to the overall personality of any individual. This again is not only for boys or men but for girls as well because no one likes to see long hairs coming out of the nose.

        So trimming those growing nose hairs is one of the best ways to keep your grooming and personal hygiene game ahead of the curve.

        5. Have a dental kit with you:
        Having poor dental habits is a big NO for any personal hygiene routine. Therefore, you should always have a dental kit with you no matter what. You should also try to brush your teeth at least twice a day - once in the morning before breakfast and second at the night after dinner.

        This is important because brushing your teeth is like going to the gym. You won't see much difference in yourself, but others will definitely notice happening in your body and will complement you. If you do not brush your teeth routinely then those will start turning yellow over a period of time.

        6. Have a nail cutter as a personal hygiene product:
        Having a nail cutter is also one of the best things when you want to level up your personal hygiene game. This is because no one likes big nails and those are harboring places for bad bacteria as well.

        If you keep on getting sick, it may also be because you are not trimming your nails on a regular basis and hence your personal hygiene is not up to the mark. So it is always good to have a good nail cutter with you. I have a nail cutter that I have been using for 10 years now.

        Let us know how many years you have been using your nail cutter for?

        7. Read good books:
        Not only physical well being, but mental cleanliness is also important for personal hygiene. A healthy mind only lives in a healthy brain, so you should always try to invest some money into reading good books.

        This not only helps you to increase your knowledge, but you are also able to enhance your overall perspective towards a particular topic and hence you will be able to take more informed decisions. 

        Reading good books also makes you a good human as books have ability to travel through the centuries hence giving you a feeling of time travel, and you are also able to learn noble ways to live your life.

        8. Exercise Daily or Take a Gym Membership:
        Some people say that I don't need a Gym Membership and how can it be a Personal Hygiene Product. But it is, and this is because you can only love yourself if you are motivated to work on it.

        It is always better to take gym membership and go to gym on a regular basis. This will make you feel good about yourself and you will also be able to live a healthy life, hence increasing your personal hygiene effectively. Also, because gym also creates a sense of discipline, hence you will be able to follow the personal hygiene path with more focus.

        Although there are several products for personal hygiene around the market, still some of the basic things when incorporated in our life will always make you feel more energetic and on a higher level of personal hygiene. So keep on accumulating most of the things or products listed above and level up your personal hygiene game.

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