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    • Mikhail Agapov

      How to develop a website and start making money with it? - In today's digital age, having a website is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses and individuals alike. Not only does it serve as a virtual storefront, but it also provides an opportunity to earn money through various means. In this...
      • Mikhail Agapov

        Answer on How to increase your income?

        Everyone wants to earn a good income. Might be you are looking for a new home or you want to buy a new car, you definitely need some more money every now and then. With a few adjustments to your lifestyle and your finances, you will be able to...
          Mikhail Agapov
          Everyone wants to earn a good income. Might be you are looking for a new home or you want to buy a new car, you definitely need some more money every now and then. With a few adjustments to your lifestyle and your finances, you will be able to...

          Everyone wants to earn a good income. Might be you are looking for a new home or you want to buy a new car, you definitely need some more money every now and then. With a few adjustments to your lifestyle and your finances, you will be able to increase the amount of money you bring in every month and maintain a healthy income, so that you are able to fulfill your dreams faster.

          1. Talk to your employer for a raise:
          This is one of the easiest ways to get more money for the same work that you do. Several companies give small increments say 10 to 11% every year to their employees, which might be very low as per the requirements and the expenses. So it is always a good idea to have a talk with your employer or HR Team for a better hike in your performance year.

          However, you may have to do a bit of research yourself and find out what the hike is given by other companies in your industry and also if your work explains or justifies the hike you want. I remember getting a minimum of a 10% hike every year, even though other companies in my industry were giving a 25% hike even to the new joiners, and I was a top performer. 

          Therefore, I used to have a talk with my management and HR Team about the hike, and they used to increase the percentage to one or two points. It wasn't much but even small amounts matter when you are trying to make a living out of your paycheck.

          2. Work as a freelancer:
          If your work is not going to give you much return, then consider working as a freelancer by selling your skills and talents. Take odd jobs for family or friends that will add funds to your bank account. Remember that every penny you earn is one more dollar towards your overall income.

          For example, you can try driving your car as a taxi at night for people going to airports. Airports are far away from cities and people require taxi or cab drivers that are available at odd hours for airport pickup and drop. This is a considerable way to supplement your job. You can even increase your income by working on weekends and driving cars to get some more income to fulfill your dreams.

          3. Start a Side Business:
          If you have good skills you can channel them into a viable side business. This could be as simple as cooking or gardening or even writing as a freelancer for companies. In our society, there are some ladies, that provide services like;

          • Ironing of Clothes
          • Selling of Food Batters like Pancakes or Dosa batters
          • Selling of Tiffens/Lunch and Dinner Services, etc

          4. Create Sources of Passive Income:
          Passive Income Sources are those sources, that require some initial effort and provide regular income after some time. These income sources might not seem effective during the initial days because the effort to create a passive income stream is really hard, but once it is set up, you can enjoy your life without any tension of money.

          For example, start a blog or youtube channel. This way you can share information, articles, and videos and get rewarded as money. Some people around the world are making good amounts of money using this method, but it requires initial investment to set up a blog and publish articles on a daily basis and then these streams help you make money, and that too isn't guaranteed.

          Well, nothing is guaranteed if you haven't started working. If you work then at least you have some hope, but if you don't start, then you won't get anything and that's or sure.

          5. Consider investing in rental property:
          Consider investing in a rental property, preferably several multifamily units rather than one single-family home. Though a rental property can be a large upfront investment, the potential income generated from this investment could be substantial. Ask a friend or business partner to invest with you in a rental property and create passive income to supplement your existing income.

          6. Start cutting down your expenses:
          It is rightly said, "A penny saved is a penny earned", and that stands true even today.

          If you are renting a luxurious apartment that is taking 50% of your take-home salary, then consider cutting down by moving to s a smaller rental apartment. Or if you have some subscriptions online, then consider getting rid of them. For example, I don't buy things online regularly so I have just removed Amazon Prime from my account, and also got rid of Netflix as those cost me my time and money on a regular basis.

          Focus on stacking savings on top of one another to add up to a large amount of money saved. This means embracing a frugal and not spending money when you do not need to.

          7. Invest in a good Health Insurance:
          This is one of the most important parts of your saving journey so that you can increase your income. These days healthcare services are so expensive that one trip to hospital can make you broke. Therefore, always consider having Good Health Insurance which provides cashless mechanisms.

          This is important to ensure that when you need medical emergency services, then you are not in any trouble from the money front, and after the medical treatment is over, then you should not become broke and enjoy your life as you were doing before the medical treatment.

          8. Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthy:
          Now this is one of the important steps as well because if you are healthy and fell sick less, in that case, you are able to save a lot more money and as you know anything that you save is an add-on to your take-home salary. Therefore, always exercise on a regular basis and eat healthy food.

          For example, you can ensure that you walk at least 10,000 steps every single day and do some weight lifting exercise to keep yourself fit for life.

          9. Take a bicycle or walk to work:
          One of the biggest expenses is likely your car. Form the car itself to its maintenance and insurance, it can bring big expenses. When possible, bike to work or to run errands rather than pay to fill up your gas take and using your car. Walking will also keep you fit for a longer time and hence you will have less medical expenses.

          10. Have a do it yourself lifestyle:
          A do it yourself lifestyle means that you take care of your things yourself. For example, if you have to renovate your home, consider working on your home yourself rather than outsourcing painting and decoration work.

          This can be a big time expense saver for you because home renovations and other tasks like maintenance might be a big expense loop holes to get rid of.

          Increasing your income might seem a bit of work, but once you are able to do so and earn some more cash, then you will be able to save big time and achieve your goals, which will motivate you to become a better person by utilizing your money in a better way. If you follow above steps, you should be able to save some money for your leisure and to fulfill your dreams fast.

          • Mikhail Agapov

            Answer on How to Travel Spontaneously?

            Some of the best Travel Memories are formed when we travel spontaneously. Traveling becomes pleasant when you are carefree, but the large amounts of preparation and planning can sometimes make the whole process look more troublesome. Traveling...
              Mikhail Agapov
              Some of the best Travel Memories are formed when we travel spontaneously. Traveling becomes pleasant when you are carefree, but the large amounts of preparation and planning can sometimes make the whole process look more troublesome. Traveling...

              Some of the best Travel Memories are formed when we travel spontaneously. Traveling becomes pleasant when you are carefree, but the large amounts of preparation and planning can sometimes make the whole process look more troublesome. Traveling spontaneously can make these efforts less and you also are able to enjoy everything in the present without thinking about the future.

              Below are some of the ways by which you can travel spontaneously and also keep everything on track;

              1. Spontaneous Travel Plans Become in a Day or Two:
              When you travel spontaneously, it usually happens when you are sitting with your family and friends. This is one of the best ways to make travel plans, as you get less time to prepare, and you just get all the things that are required and leave for the travel. Doing some research on your spontaneous travel is one of the great ways to ensure that you don't miss out on anything important about the place that you are going to.

              Doing some quick online search doesn't takes time and is a good way to plan ahead for any contingency in the trip. You may also want to check if there are hotels available or not because I remember one day we planned spontaneous travel to a part of India, where it was marriage season, so we didn't get any hotel to live and we have to stay in the car for that night.

              2. Always have a travel bag ready with you:
              I always keep a travel bag ready with my travel essentials. Also, I have a habit of making a list of things that are necessary for me to travel anywhere. Below are some of the things that I never leave without:

              • Shaving Kit
              • Wallet
              • Card Holder
              • House Keys
              • Government ID Cards / Passport
              • Watch
              • Laptop (for work)
              • Mobile
              • Chargers
              • Power Bank
              • Brush
              • Toothpaste
              • Soap Bar
              • Towel
              • Deodorant

              Away from these, I also keep a note of all the things that I have in my main luggage. 

              3. Make a list of things that you have:
              This is one of the most important things to do while leaving home on a spontaneous trip and this is because while we are preparing for our trip, there are things that we may forget and we need to be ready for the same. I usually do it on my notepad or my mobile phone.

              Making notes of things in my bags and wallet, helps me tick-mark everything I keep with myself and I am also able to pack my things fast when leaving for trips or some sudden change in plans.

              4. Check if you are traveling alone or with friends or family:
              When you are traveling alone, then spontaneous trips can also be more fun, because you don't have to keep track of the safety of others with you. While traveling alone, ensure to book a good 5-star hotel that has 24-hour help or a reception desk, so that you can even check in at night or else they can help you with your luggage while your room gets ready.

              5. Book a 5-star hotel with at least 2 meals:
              Usually when we are traveling spontaneously, we are not sure if we will be eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the hotel itself. But when we book a 5-star hotel with at least 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) we get an option to have lunch outside, and our overall price is also less. It seems a bit on the higher side, but a 5-star hotel's facilities are one of the best and you get to enjoy your trip.

              You need to understand that when you are traveling to an unknown destination, then you should have a good hotel where you can rest without any tension, and when you have a good hotel booking, then you are always enjoying your trip. Personally, I always prefer good hotels to have hygienic washrooms and clean rooms for good sleep. This is added advantage and I never regret paying a bit more to enjoy my trip, and once you have stayed in a 5-star hotel, then there is no going back from it. You start thinking of ways to make more money so that you can enjoy your stay in 5-star hotels only.

              6. Travel Light:
              While traveling spontaneously or even otherwise, always try to travel with as less luggage as possible. Nothing will slow a spontaneous trip like copious amounts of luggage. I usually keep a shoulder bag and one trolley for my essentials and clothes. This makes me be more active and mobile while traveling and hence I am able to explore things much more easily.

              7. Don't crowd your day with so many plans:
              When you are traveling spontaneously, limit your plans to one or two destinations per day. This is because the overall trip can become a bit hectic when you have to visit most of the places in one or two days. Therefore, try to limit your destinations to 2 maximum, and enjoy your evening in a good restaurant or brewery.

              This will help you relax while you are traveling and you can also unwind and look back at your memories while you are taking a step back to rest and go through the photos and videos.

              Going to one or two places will help you take your time to understand the culture and history of a particular item and you will also be able to enjoy your day by enriching yourself with some knowledge about the place, not like other tourists that just come to the places to take a selfie to complete their targets.

              Leave your targets in office.

              8. Ask locals for their advice:
              It is always a good way to explore new destinations. This is because locals can let you know about things that not all websites or travel guides online can tell you. Also, if you are having trouble finding an activity in a certain city or region, or are simply looking for a travel experience that you wouldn't come by in your native city, ask a local for a recommendation. 

              Locals can help you know what are the best restaurants in town, which might also not be that famous but are great.

              9. Avoid travel review websites:
              Travel review websites are like spoilers for a movie. Sometimes that might be handy, but when you are looking for spontaneous experiences, then you should be away from them. This will help you be surprised when things happen out of a sudden.

              10. Enjoy getting lost:
              One of the most important things is to enjoy getting lost in the travel that you are doing. Don't panic about the office work that you have to complete after a few days. Try to enjoy your day and vacation time.

              Although spontaneous travel plans can seem a bit sudden, it is always awesome to take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some time. You can make plans with friends, family, or completely alone. This will even make you feel happy and more confident in life.



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