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    • Mikhail Agapov

      Answer on How to reach more people in less time on the internet? | How to reach more people in less time online?

      Reaching more people online or using the internet is one of the few things that everyone wants to do. There can be different reasons for the same like to increase their business or to increase the overall traffic to make money through advertisement...
        Mikhail Agapov
        Reaching more people online or using the internet is one of the few things that everyone wants to do. There can be different reasons for the same like to increase their business or to increase the overall traffic to make money through advertisement...

        three men laughing while looking in the laptop inside room

        Reaching more people online or using the internet is one of the few things that everyone wants to do. There can be different reasons for the same like to increase their business or to increase the overall traffic to make money through advertisement impressions.

        But the end motive is the same for everyone - To make money or to earn more revenue.

        Even if someone is writing beautiful articles, the main objective these days is to increase traffic to the website in order to make more money. But is it the correct way to do that?

        Well, the answer is No.

        To reach more people online, you should first understand what is the main reason someone would like to connect with you. To be honest these days no one wants to even talk to another person if there is no profit attached to the same, therefore, you should try to first create your own USP that will make people come to you directly.

        Online this can be done by understanding the USER INTENT.

        Yes, that's correct, you need to understand what a USER might want to search.

        This is because if you are not writing about the things that people are searching then you end up writing about things that only you are searching for, and even if people are searching for the search terms, still the number is very less.

        Therefore, first try to understand what people want to know about and then start writing about the same, and search engines will start sending traffic to your website directly.

        But how do we know what people are searching online?
        Now this is the task that we want to do carefully. 

        One of the best ways is by doing keyword research. In whatever niche you are writing or your business is, you should try to do a simple search to understand what kind of blogs and articles already are there on search engines.

        Then try to open the URLs that you see on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and then understand what kind of content is written on those pages. This will give you some idea about what people are searching for and what kind of content people are writing in those blogs.

        After doing that try to provide as much information about the topic as possible because you want to ensure that your readers get all the information in one place itself and that they don't have to leave your website or webpage for searching more things about the traffic.

        This can usually be done in I believe around 2500 to 3000 words. 

        I am trying to achieve that word count because currently, 1600 to 1800 words is what I can write on any topic. But that is mostly because I know that much only about a particular topic. To write more about a particular topic or blog title, you need to do thorough research and provide details that no one has captured till now or you can also collate information about a particular topic from different sources in one place, which will help you in making a web page that encompasses everything.

        Once you have completed this process, you will see that traffic will automatically start flowing to your website. This is also because there is no content on the internet that is better than what you have written or collated.

        Ensure that you don't plagiarise and always try to provide attribution to people when you refer to their data or information in your article.

        Then comes the second part - To Write As Much As Possible

        Writing content about your product or service is really important, and you should do it day in and day out. You should never think that an "X" number of articles will be fine.

        You should post at least one article per day to ensure that you keep on getting the traffic flow.

        I have seen website companies posting 10+ articles per day, but I can understand that it might not be possible because you are the only person who is going to do all the research and write the article as well, therefore make a practice of initially writing one article per day and then when you have a repository of more than 1000 articles, then you can even schedule one article in two days or a week, but before that, you need to ensure that you have a good cushion of articles resting on your website that will help people navigate and get more information about your product or service.

        Now comes the 3rd Part - To Update Your Articles

        This step is also very important because when you post articles on a daily basis you end up hitting the publish button on a daily basis and not clicking on the update article button as often.

        Therefore, once you have spent 3 to 6 months writing and publishing articles, then you should start updating the older articles. This is important because you want to ensure that all the information is present in the articles, as there are changes happening in the world on a daily basis.

        You don't want people to come to your website and get old data or information which is not relevant in today's situation. So, take out some time from your busy schedule and start going through the articles one by one. 

        You can even segregate your time in two halves when you can write articles in the first half and edit or update them in the second half. It is assuming that you have enough time in a day which is usually not possible when you are working and then following your passion as well.

        One of the best ways can be to utilize your weekends. This can help you separate your work and your passion and you will be able to focus on writing and updating articles in particular over the weekends.

        Third step is - to Network

        Networking is one of the best ways by which you can make people aware of your websites. This is also important because you have a business and you can find some potential clients while networking. Therefore be always open for new connections and try to use as many social media platforms as possible because people from different social media websites can engage with your content and blog differently.

        Not only online networking but trying to meet people offline as well through conferences and events, because meeting in person leaves a long-lasting impression and can always add to the brand-building process.

        This reminds me of creating your VISITING CARDS. I have seen several people going to events and not having their visiting cards, because of which it becomes difficult for people to connect with you.

        There are so many people at conferences and events that it is impossible to remember each and every one of them. One of the best ways is by sharing your visiting cards.

        When you share your visiting card, you are sharing information in a more tangible form, which helps people to reach out to you when they actually want to because they have the visiting cards in their business drawers.

        This leads us to our fifth step - Cold Calling

        After you have gathered all the email ids and phone numbers, now it is important to understand that relations cannot be made just by sitting on those visiting cards. 

        You will have to call them, tell them that you had connected at an event or conference, and then ask them if they are okay and if their life is going well. This is important because here you are not connecting with them for any sales pitch or asking them to come and visit your website, but you are genuinely trying to have a personal bond with them.

        Try to send them gifts or at least try to send them email greetings or personal messages on their phone number on their birthdays, anniversary, or on big days. This will again foster a relationship that will be of much help to you when you are selling your products and services.

        Once you have completed all these steps then you are ready to go and send your first sales email or call for action message. Now it will be much easier for you to convert your potential customers into high-paying clients.

        You will have to understand that increasing traffic online has several other aspects associated with it and one of the major things is about having good interpersonal skills.

        You will have to work on brand building. Even if it is about your organization or your own self, brand building and following the above steps will help you in getting good traffic.

        But how to reach more people online in less time?
        The only way to do so is by adding as many articles online as possible because you want to be there on the internet in order to generate traffic.

        Also, try to post articles on websites that already have Google News Approval like thewiki Network or the ones that have good Authority in your niche. For this, you may have to connect with bloggers in your niche that already are working well and have a trusted brand.

        You will again have to use all the above steps to have that relationship with those bloggers and people who are working in your niche to ensure that you get more traffic in less time, but still, it is much less time than waiting for search engines to crawl your websites.

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