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    • Mikhail Agapov

      Answer on How to make a website for free and start a career in blogging?

      Although it is never recommended to create blogs on a free blogging website, you can still manage to create your blogs for free, and that too on a trusted website, that will help you at least start your career in blogging. First, understand why...
        Mikhail Agapov
        Although it is never recommended to create blogs on a free blogging website, you can still manage to create your blogs for free, and that too on a trusted website, that will help you at least start your career in blogging. First, understand why...

        a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer

        Although it is never recommended to create blogs on a free blogging website, you can still manage to create your blogs for free, and that too on a trusted website, that will help you at least start your career in blogging.

        First, understand why we don't encourage creating blogs on free hosting sites, and there are several issues with free blogging websites. For example;

        1. You may not be able to use AdSense or some other way of monetizing your blog if you are using free web or blog hosting.
        2. Free blogging websites may shut down their business and hence you may lose your content.
        3. If something happens or if your free blogging site was hacked, your personal information will also be with the hackers.
        4. You may be limited to how many users can you have or how much traffic you can have on your blog.
        5. Free blogging websites are usually for personal use.

        Having listed all the above problems, I still want you to start your blogging journey with less or no money so that you can make a living writing blogs and creating articles or simply following your passion.

        There are two main ways to start blogging;

        1. Using Blogging Websites like thewiki Network: Websites like thewiki Network allow users to create blogs and personal profiles. You can post your blogs and work to create your brand, and because this network is a trusted brand hence you don't have to fear it getting closed anytime soon.

          New bloggers can set up their profiles and can also use them as a repository for their work, which they can share along with their resumes. This helps in showcasing your abilities to potential employers whenever they try to search for you.

          One of the best ways to monetize your profile on thewiki Network is by allowing Guest Posts.

          Consider you have good reach globally because you have been using thewiki Network for some time now. Your articles get indexed on Google and other Search Engines easily, because of which brands would like to connect with you to post their articles or at least mention their products and services. For doing so, you can be paid a hefty amount.

          You can also monetize your profile by advertising for big brands that may connect with you and would like to place their ads on your profile. This is a great way to monetize your profile and create a brand for yourself as well.

          One of the reasons that I recommend it for freshers is because freshers can post several blogs without paying anything, which helps them in getting good practice on their writing skills and they also get good exposure initially because thewiki Network is also Google News Approved, but ensure that you are adding content that is not plagiarized and is long at least 1000 words and above. This will get your blog or article an instant hit whenever you will post it.

          This is not possible on other blogging websites like Medium etc, where people are limited if they are not premium users and hence this also limits the number of articles one can post, and hence the practice remains at the backend always.

          You can even use thewiki Network to check how good your article is even before posting it on your own website. This is because any article that you post on thewiki Network gets indexed by Google and other Search Engines in a few minutes, therefore whenever you add a new article, you can see its potential and also check if it is good enough and how it may perform in the future.
        2. Use Blogger Dot Com: Blogger Dot Come is another website that you can use to create your own blogs for free and that too without any coding knowledge.

          You can simply sign up with Blogger and set up your blog on their subdomains. For example,

          This ensures that you have an idea of how you use your own websites. Having said that there is one good news for blogger users, and that they can even use Google Adsense for monetizing their blogs, which might not be possible on other websites.

          Also, because it is a product of Google itself, therefore you can even have full confidence that this website will not get shut down any time soon. One more thing, you will get good hands-on ideas about how to use websites and can even go deep into understanding how to install themes and add-ons to make your website more professional looking.

          I still remember using Blogger as my first blogging website, because at that time I was not having good finances, and blogging was one of the few things that I started to do. I started a travel blog and then added recipes on the same. But obviously that I used to do it as my hobby and not as a job-seeking opportunity. Hence it never grew after a certain point when I started working more formal jobs.

        These two methods are the best ones that I can suggest today, because, at the end of the day, you also need to have all your content safe in one place, and storing it on your computer never does anything good. Any article you write should be on a blogging website because there it will start getting traffic and this is how people from across different territories and timespans connect with each other.

        Consider this like your bank account. If you are earning money, you should have it in your bank account or else money will only lose its value on a daily basis, and when it is in your account in that case it will keep on earning interest.

        Similarly, when you post your articles on blog websites or on the above-mentioned websites, you keep on generating traffic on your articles and hence increasing your ability to make a fortune someday.

        Also, if you have a profile and all your articles in one place, you have something to show your potential clients or companies that hire. I have seen people not having their articles on their blogging websites because of which they have to share PDF files and Word files with their potential clients.

        This creates clutter in the email and also makes it difficult for people to navigate through your articles, and if they are using their mobile phones, in that case, most of them would prefer your articles in an online format.

        On the other hand, if you have all your blogs in an online format, then it becomes easier for clients to navigate through your repository and the work that you have done. It also looks more professional to see a published article rather than sharing PDF files. Having said that a published article is also more responsive to mobile screens, making it easier for people to view your articles.

        It is easy to set up your blogs online and that too for free, just ensure that you use the above two mentioned websites, and if you want to rank faster on Search Engines, then you can surely use thewiki Network.

        Although Blogger is also good, you will see results much faster if you use thewiki Network and can also create your own profile and can add articles much faster by just registering on it. Moreover, if you want a more website-like interface so that you are able to experience subdomains, then you can go for Blogger.

        Just take this step and register for the services and start hitting your keyboard to start writing, and you will soon see the results.

        thewiki Network is also like a small writers community where you can ask questions and grow with the community by asking questions and referring to materials and other professional bloggers, which will ultimately help you grow big.

        • Mikhail Agapov

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