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    • Vijaykumar R Zala

      Vijaykumar R Zala (@VijayZala)

      ...kumar R Zala and I have been in...reas such as Research and Development,...Operations, and has worke...d in R&D and then work...Formulation Development Contract Research and Development firm that...Formulation and Packaging Develop...of Cosmetic Research in INDIA...

      Interests: Research and Development

      About me: ...umar R Zala and I hav...eas such as Research and Deve...Operations, R&D and...Formulation Contract Research and Development...Formulation and Packagin...of Cosmetic Research in...

      Brief description: I have more than 17 years of experiance in Cosmetic products research and development

      • Sai_Ganesh

        Sai_Ganesh (@Motamarri_Nrusimha_Sai_Ganesh)

        Studying Integrated (CSE)+ MBA at Lovely Professional University || Specializing in Human Resource and Marketing || Market Research || Data Analytics



        • Wilson Levi

          Online Cosmetic Forum

          ...ave to learn new things, and you are also e...munities for technology, and other thi...t are covered by experts and professio...y and who are working in Research and Development D...l the products properly, and also check for le...






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