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    • Wilson Levi

      What is the real history of perfume?

      ...se materials which gradually came into use as natural perfumes from plants and animals....are considered and little is known about their use except that some medicinal plants were grow...
      • Ashmi S

        Nature by Tradition

        ...t, providing oxygen 24×7. Its medicinal qualities...originally symbolic of 9 native plants, represented...veda considers all vegetation as medicinal, and in the scriptures, a person who plants any tree,...


        • Wilson Levi

          Alcoholic Beverages

          ...mable liquid that may contain as much as 95% ABV. It is often used for medicinal purposes. It may be a grain spirit or it may be made from other plants. It is us...
          • Wilson Levi

            Essential Oil

            ...normal temperatures) chemical compounds from plants. Essential o...nents whereas essential oils are derived from plants. Essen...dical applications proposed by those who sell medicinal oils r...


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