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    • Satyam Swapnil

      Satyam Swapnil (@satyamswapnil)

      I am a student at JK business school, Gurugram, pursuing PGDM in the HR domain and joined the wiki Cosmoline as an HR Intern.

      Skills: leadership skills

      • Shreya Srivastava

        Shreya Srivastava (@shreyasri)

        I am a student of JK Business school pursuing a PGDM in the HR domain. I am always eager to learn new skills. I am also the core member of the HR club in my college. 

        Skills: leadership skills



        • Sanjeev Munshi

          Ghar Wapsi - A Reality Check

          ...from the Kashmiri Muslim Community, particularly from their political leadership. The resistance to the Delimitation process shown by the Muslim leadership of Kashmi...
          • Sanjeev Munshi

            Looking for Needles in a Haystack

            ...inst aggressive hordes of Pashtuns. At this critical juncture the dominant political party in Kashmir Valley, the National Conference, under the leadership of Sheikh...


            • Wilson Levi

              Organizational Behavior

              ...cludes areas of research dedicated to; improving job performance, increasing job satisfaction, promoting innovation, and encouraging leadership and is a...
              • Mithlesh Dhar

                Diversity Metrics

                ...ganizational levels: Look at diversity and inclusion across your leadership levels. Is your entry-level team extremely diverse, but your leadership does not...



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