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    • Manisha Mishra

      Odorless soaps are better than fragrant soaps

      In the era of dust and pollution, our skin is mostly affected. To retain the moisture and glow of skin, some special care is required. But the question ari...

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      • Manisha Mishra

        Impact of technology over cosmetics industry

        Technology has impacted the environment, people, society as a whole. In each sector, it has grabbed its position on a prior basis. And, none other than the cos...

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        • Vrinda Bahekar Dhar

          Cosmetics and Skin

          Skin Skin is the outermost covering of our body, that protects us from external damage and from moisture loss. The surface area of an adult is about 1.6 squ...

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          • Vrinda Bahekar Dhar

            Introduction to Cosmetics

            The purpose of cosmetics is to give protecti...main purpose for use of cosmetics is for pe...aging Meaning of Cosmetics In gen...ld. Classification of Cosmetics Based...liners). Other makeup cosmetics include&n...

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