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    • Sanjeev Munshi

      Sanjeev Munshi (@sanjeev)

      A Kashmiri Pandit from Budhagir, Alikadal, Srinagar, have received my education from J&K, and a career of 42 years in Herbal Pharma Marketing (Ayurveda)....

      Location: Budhgir, Jammu & Kashmir, India

      • Suniel Kumar Dhar

        Suniel Kumar Dhar (@suniel)

        Kashmiri Pandit residing at Jammu

        Location: Jammu & Kashmir

        About me: Kashmiri Pandit residing at Jammu






        • Mithlesh Dhar

          Kashmiri Recipes

          Kashmiri Cuisine is the cuisine of the Kashmir Valley in the Union Territory of India. Kashmiris have developed the art of cooking to a very high de...

          Tags: Jammu and Kashmir

          • Mithlesh Dhar

            Seri Panditaan Village in Jammu

            ...aan is a village near Amb Gharota, Jammu. The vill.... It falls in the Bhalwal block of Jammu district...Pandits?  If Baru Brahmins of Jammu trace the..., Basholi, and some other areas of Jammu province....

            Tags: Jammu and Kashmir




            • Mithlesh Dhar

              Balidan Divas

              September 14 is the death anniversary of the first Kashmiri Pandit Tika Lal Taploo who was killed by terrorists on September 13 night at his residence at...

              Tags: Jammu and Kashmir


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