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    • VedicRoots

      VedicRoots (@VedicRoots) a contemporary skincare brand ded...thful and holistic skincare journey....We believe that skincare derived d...and pamper your Skin, Hair & Bod...onders on all Skin and Hair types. We...e line of Professional Care range for...
      • thewiki Editorial

        thewiki Editorial (@Shelthim)

        ...regards to Acne, Pigmentation, Wrinkles, Hydration of Skin, Tanning, Anti-aging, and many more. You can attend several workshops on Skin & Haircare from our...




        • Svetlya Anukudinova

          Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

          ...abilities of personal care items. Ho...only used in personal care products,...ry Shampoos and Hair Care Products:...used in shampoos and hair care strip the skin and hair of natura...ide range of personal care items, fr...
          • Mikhail Agapov

            Hair Fall Prevention Serum

            Hairfall Prevention Serum Formula...Rinse the serum out of your hair with warm...o nourish and strengthen the hair and may of this or any other hair care product w...dermatologist or other healthcare professio...





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