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  • Cosmetic Formulation Consultancy

    Cosmetic Formulation Consultancy

    Are you starting up your own cosmetics company? Do you have a requirement for a new cosmetic product? Connect with our expert Formulation Scientists for all y...

    Tags: Cosmetics, Cosmetics Formulations



    Company Name: VINAM ORGANICS PVT. LTD. Contact Person Name: AMIT SHARMA E-mail address: Phone Number: 9811267146 Website:&nb...

    Tags: Cosmetics

  • Jay Chem Marketing

    Jay Chem Marketing

    Company Name: Jay Chem Marketing Contact Person Name: Mr. Nilesh Parekh E-mail address: Phone Number: 9821153754 Website:&...

    Tags: Cosmetics

  • Authorized Distributor for Godrej Industries

    Authorized Distributor for Godrej Industries

    Company Name: Kanchan Rasayan Contact Person Name: Amit Shah E-mail address: Phone Number: 8850858310 Product Details:...

    Tags: Cosmetics

  • Moksha


    ...m Product Details Product: Organic Essential Oils Organic Cold Pressed Carrier /Vegetable Oils IFRA-certified Fragrances for Cosmetics, Soaps &a...

    Tags: Cosmetics

  • Qubeplast Packaging Solutions

    Qubeplast Packaging Solutions

    Company Name: Qubeplast Packaging Solutions LLP Contact Person: Rahul Phone No: +919873383323 Email ID: | am...

    Tags: Cosmetics Packaging

  • Cospack India

    Cospack India

    Company Name: Cospack India  Contact Person Name: Shyam Sunder  E-mail address: Phone Number: 9310388888 Raw Materials Details Cosmetics jar   
  • Ashri Naturals

    Ashri Naturals

    Company Name: Ashri Naturals Contact Person: Bhavna Email ID: Phone No: +919919810444 | +919918900987 Website:&nbsp...

    Tags: Cosmetics

  • Sarin Industries Private Limited

    Sarin Industries Private Limited

    Company Name: SARIN Industries Pvt Ltd Contact Person Name: Sajid Email ID: | Phone Number: +9198...

    Tags: Cosmetics

  • Surya Aromatic & Essential Oils

    Surya Aromatic & Essential Oils

    Company Name: Surya Aromatic & Essential Oils Contact Person Name: HK Sharma E-mail address: | marketing@suryaaro...

    Tags: Cosmetics


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