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    • Romil Dhar

      Romil Dhar (@romil.dhar)

      ...e Securities | Feb 2020 - To - July 2020 Acquired clients in Hyderabad for Share...arket Trading Advised clients for investment in the long term and intraday trading...


      • Sanjeev Munshi

        Babysitting @ 60

        ...t (prevalent in KP society in those days) – for t...heir parents (read mothers) for the daycare of th...de cities like Bangalore/Pune/Hyderabad/Gurugram/...ank you, Mr. WhatsApp! Within a few days, I reali...
        • Sanjeev Munshi

          Living With Empty Nests

          ...ing a reality in our modern-day life, par...sponsible for the change. Today’s elderly...live as per one’s choice! Today, everyone...very considerable extent! Today, people a...r labeling anything good or bad, it is a...




          • thewiki News


            ...s termed moonlighting.  Is Moonlighting bad? Several...s really sad to see people on higher posts talk badly about m...re also involved in moonlighting in their young days. Moon...
            • Mikhail Agapov (Михаил Агапов)


              ...e Tae Kwan Do area, Basket-Ball Ground & Kabbadi Ground....re are additional areas to play Volley-Ball and Badminton as...ke to buy anything. This is a topic for next day, because...



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