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What is it like to leave your home?

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    Everyone in this world has to leave home one day or another.

    As a human, we have different life stages, and we have to act accordingly. But leaving home is not only limited to these life stages but also affected due to the situations that are happening around us.

    It is never easy to think of leaving our home let alone leaving all the loved ones that are there in our family. Even though you don't have any directly attached family, then also leaving the place of your birth is one of the toughest decisions that one has to make, but still, sometimes it just happens without any second thought.

    Moving away from your hometown seems scary at first as well. 

    What is it like to leave your home?
    Different people have different reasons to leave home. This may include;

    1. Going for higher studies
    2. Going for a Job Opportunity
    3. Going for a New Start
    4. Leaving your home because of some disaster
    5. Forced to leave home because of war or genocide

    These all reasons may be there that really affect our decision of living in our home or leaving. For example,

    A student may leave his or her home in order to opt for higher education. This is quite important to understand because it is not an easy decision to leave home.

    You have to think of your life from a broad perspective or else you could have also completed your higher studies at some college in your home town itself.

    It depends what is your age when you are leaving home
    Well, it also depends on what is your age when you are leaving home that how you will feel.

    At a young age, we usually don't feel anything, as we are motivated to do something amazing and may have our goals and ambitions that are motivating us along our journey to leave home.

    But if you are old and mature enough, you may feel sometimes that leaving your home is one of the biggest mistakes that anyone can do in this world.

    This is because you leave all that mattered to you behind and all the people that were your family start becoming your guests. They may come to visit you sometimes at your place, but it will never be the same as going back to your home town to visit them.

    Feeling related to leaving home may be mixed. Sometimes there is a feeling of success, but on the other side, you also feel down because you are not with your family and friends, and this thing always pinches you in your heart.

    Then there is a full disaster as well, which happens when someone leaves home because of someone else. This may be because your neighbors had some different thought processes and they want to ensure that you and your community members are also kicked out of your hometown.

    This kind of leaving your home makes you mentally unstable because you will always regret and miss your home town every single day. This also fills you with a vengeance that always haunts you.

    You can see one example of Kashmiri Pandits, which were forced to leave their homes and were also killed.

    This kind of home leaving makes a community settle for the next 3 to 5 generations. This is because people have to start from scratch. Sometimes they don't have anything, not even their will to start things.

    They always doubt that they will go back to their home and will be able to live a normal life, which is not possible at all. 

    Although some of them may become successful by working hard, all of them always suffer from their past.

    Is it bad to leave home?
    There is no good or bad thing in leaving home. It is just the situations that make a home leaving bad or good.

    If you are gone for a job or studies, then everything is good and successful, but if you are forced out of your home by keeping a gun on your head, then it is one of the bad feelings of leaving your home, as you feel helpless.

    Having said that, I still believe one should try to be in their home towns and do all their studies and jobs in their own state or country.

    Moving out of your hometown will only make things worse - not for you but for the community. But it is easier said than done if you don't have proper infrastructure and opportunities in your home town.

    When you go back to your home after a long time, you seem like a foreigner in your birthplace itself, and you are able to see the difference between your past and your present.

    Your lanes, societies, and shops that you had left seem to be calling you back every time you visit them.

    It seems as if they want us to stay back and spend the rest of our lives there itself. It's one of the most beautiful feelings that you can have.


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