What is the Smart Cities Mission Portal by the Ministry of Urban Development?

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      Mikhail Agapov (Михаил Агапов)

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      The Smart Cities Mission's objective is a government of India Scheme to promote core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment, and application of "Smart" solutions. The focus is on sustainable and inclusive development and the idea is to look at compact areas and create a replicable model which will act like a lighthouse for other aspiring cities.

      The vision of the Smart Cities Mission
      The purpose of the Smart Cities Mission is to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology, especially technology that leads to Smart outcomes.

      • 100 Cities
      • 5151 Projects
      • 2,05,018 Crore INR

      Making a city smart encapsulates learnings from the Smart Cities Mission to outline the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of a smart city. It is structured as a workbook with tasks in each section to help cities chart out their smart city journeys.

      The book illustrates how a smart city is a city that works for its people. It is NOT the highest end state of a city and it does not sit at the tip of a city's pyramid of needs - from basic up to creative. Being smart makes a city more able and agile to move from one level to another, guided by principles of making most from limited resources, taking everyone along, quickly adapting to changes, being resilient in the face of stress or shock at each stage, and using technology mindfully at every step of the way to reach scale and speed.

      Click here to check out the Smart Cities Mission Website

      What are the names of Cities that are there in the Smart Cities Mission?
      Below are the names of the cities that are there in the Smart Cities Mission;

      1. Agartala
      2. Agra
      3. Ahmedabad
      4. Aizawl
      5. Ajmer
      6. Aligarh
      7. Allahabad
      8. Amravati
      9. Amritsar
      10. Aurangabad
      11. Bareilly
      12. Belgaum
      13. Bengaluru
      14. Bhopal
      15. Bhubaneswar
      16. Biharsharif
      17. Bilaspur
      18. Chandigarh
      19. Chennai
      20. Coimbatore
      21. Dahod
      22. Davangere
      23. Dehradun
      24. Dharamshala
      25. Diu
      26. Erode
      27. Faridabad
      28. Gandhinagar
      29. Gangtok
      30. Greater Warangal
      31. Guwahati
      32. Gwalior
      33. Hubali-Dharwad
      34. Imphal
      35. Indore
      36. Itanagar
      37. Jabalpur
      38. Jaipur
      39. Jalandhar
      40. Jammu
      41. Jhansi
      42. Kakinada
      43. Kalyan-Dombivali
      44. Kanpur
      45. Karimnagar
      46. Karnal
      47. Kavaratti
      48. Kochi
      49. Kohima
      50. Kota
      51. Lucknow
      52. Ludhiana
      53. Madhurai
      54. Mangaluru
      55. Moradabad
      56. Muzaffarpur
      57. Nagpur
      58. Namchi
      59. Nashik
      60. Naya Raipur
      61. New Delhi
      62. New Town Kolkata
      63. Panji
      64. Pasighat
      65. Port Blair
      66. Puducherry
      67. Pune
      68. Raipur
      69. Rajkot
      70. Ranchi
      71. Rourkela
      72. Sagar
      73. Saharanpur
      74. Satna
      75. Shillong
      76. Shimla
      77. Shivamogga
      78. Silvassa
      79. Solapur
      80. Srinagar
      81. Surat
      82. Thane
      83. Thanjavur
      84. Thoothukudi
      85. Tiruchirappalli
      86. Tirunelveli
      87. Tirupati
      88. Tiruppur
      89. Tumakuru
      90. Udaipur
      91. Ujjain
      92. Vadodra
      93. Varanasi
      94. Vellore
      95. Visakhapatnam



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