How to speak Hindi fluently?


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      Svetlya Anukudinova

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      Hindi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken chiefly in the Hindi Belt region encompassing parts of northern, central, eastern, and western India. It is one of the 24 official languages of the Republic of India. 

      Hindi shares its roots with other Indo-Aryan languages such as Sanskrit, Urdu, and Punjabi as well as Indo-Iranian and Indo-European languages spanning Persian to Kurdish to Russian to Gaelic.

      Speaking Hindi is quite simple because most of the words are also available in the English language, but obviously, the grammar is different, and also Hindi changes with every 1000 km in India, hence making it one of the most versatile languages in the world.

      1. Learn Hindi Nouns:
        In Hindi, one should be careful about Male and females i.e., Gender. Most of the people who have just started learning Hindi usually confuse gender while talking to others, which shows that you are naive in speaking Hindi, and don't understand it properly.

        Make sure you remember the gender of every noun in Hindi as the gender of Hindi nouns is essential for proper grammar and communication of the language.

        In India, gender has given more importance when we talk to people, this has also helped in ensuring that our conversations are clear concerning the thing that we are talking about.

        For example, a boy in Hindi is termed as "ladka", and a girl is termed as "ladki". So, as a rule of thumb, you can say that everything that ends with the "aa" sound is for the male gender and something that ends with the "ee" sound is for the female gender.

        But obviously, there are exceptions where nouns might not follow normal gender conventions. For example, "Door", and "Table".
      2. Practice simple greetings:
        It is not just with Hindi, but with any language that you want to learn. If you want to learn a new language, just learn basic greetings in that language, and you are a quarter way to learning that language.

        This is because when you greet someone in his or her language, they can connect with you, and hence they will feel more comfortable with you and try to correct you whenever you speak something wrong.

        This way they will also feel that you are passionate about learning Hindi and hence they will guide you with the same.

        In India, most people say "Namaste" to greet each other, and because most of the people understand Hindi, so you can also speak "Subhprabath", which means Good Morning in English.

        Similarly, "Swagat" means "Welcome" in Hindi.
      3. Try to memorize the days of the week:
        Another way to learn a new language is by memorizing the days of the week, and in India, people love to use Hindi week names, for example, "Monday" is said as "Somwar", etc.

        This way if someone is using these names, then you will not be clueless about what someone is saying.

        Also, you can start using Hindi names of the weeks, which will make you sound more fluent in Hindi. To help you out, below are the days of the week in Hindi;
        Sunday: Ravivaar
        Monday: Somvaar
        Tuesday: Mangalvaar
        Wednesday: Budvar
        Thursday: Guruvaar
        Friday: Ghukravaar
        Saturday: Shanivaar
      4. Learn numbers in Hindi:
        One of the best ways to communicate is by knowing the numbers in Hindi because most people who speak Hindi use names in Hindi for the numbers. 

        Learning numbers will help you expand your vocabulary and hence you will be able to communicate well with the local people. 
      5. Practice simple phrases:
        Once you feel comfortable with Hindi words, you may try out simple phrases like "what is your name?", which is "Aap ka naam kya hai?"

        You can also learn how to respond to these simple phrases.

        Or at least try to ask simple things which will help you in a difficult situation like, "Where is the toilet?" which is spoken as "Toilet kaha hai?"

        When you practice simple things that help you in day-to-day life that way, you will be able to make your way up to proper Hindi as well. But it just needs consistency like in any other work that you do.
      6. Join a Hindi language class:
        One of the best ways to learn a new language is to sign up for an in-person class, where you engage with an instructor and other students at least once in a week.

        It can also be useful to be surrounded by other students who are also learning the language, as you can all act as support for each other and practice the language together. Look for Hindi language classes at your local college or university or an Indian community center in your area.
      7. Use online tools:
        There are several online applications, videos, and even podcasts that help you understand and work on your Hindi speaking skills.

        Some of these tools are just simple and free translation applications, others may be paid but interactive sessions with online mentors and study groups. You can select one of the tools or a combination of different tools and learn Hindi at your own pace.
      8. Check for Hindi books for children:
        This is again important because most of the Hindi books that are targeted at adults are tough to read because they use difficult Hindi grammar. So it is better to use basic Hindi books for children to learn Hindi fast.

        At least you will be able to use Hindi for speaking and communicating with people around you comfortably and easily by using and reading Hindi books for children.
      9. Have an Indian friend or someone fluent in Hindi:
        This is again important because the more you talk to someone fluent in Hindi, the more you will become fluent yourself. It is just like speaking in some other language. The more you use the language in your daily life, the more you will be able to grasp and learn faster.
      10. Watch Hindi movies with subtitles:
        Watching movies is one of the sure-shot ways of learning a new language, and the same is with Hindi. Bollywood movies are awesome and you will enjoy watching movies in Hindi as you will be able to get a better understanding of how everyone is speaking and using words.

        Also, there are awesome movies, which you will like, and one thing is for sure when you like something, then it is easy for you to learn it.

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