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What is a lip primer used for?

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    • Svetlya Anukudinova

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      Lip Primer, as the name suggests, is a base for your lips that allows long-lasting color when you use lipstick or any kind of lip makeup. It is similar to a regular makeup primer that you would use on your face.

      As you may use face primer to help your foundation, concealer, and other face makeup products have an evenly and lasting shine, lip primer does the same thing for your lips.

      How many types of Lip Primer are there?
      Lip Primers come in various forms;

      • Lip primer Pencils
      • Lipstick form
      • Crayons
      • Liquids, etc

      all meant to be layered under your lip color.

      What are the benefits of using a lip primer?
      As you will be knowing the benefits of using a face primer, similarly lip primer also helps in the following things;

      1. It helps in getting a long-lasting lip color:
        As we have already discussed, lip primers are great for increasing the long life of your lip makeup. Their formulation is such that it will keep your lipstick in place without fading.
      2. It helps in ensuring that there is no cracking or feathering of your lip makeup:
        I have usually seen many girls that use lipstick without using a primer have feathered or cracked lipstick at the end of the day. But lip primer ensures that your lipstick doesn't crack or go out of your lip line.
      3. It acts as a smooth base for your lips:
        Lip products can cling to dry patches of your lips and settle into your fine lip lines, but if you have used a lip primer, then you will have a smooth base for your lipstick, allowing it to shine better.
      4. It helps in locking the moisture:
        Using lipsticks can be tricky when you don't have a lip primer on. You can easily lock moisture, which will give a shinier look on your lips if applied properly.

      How to apply a lip primer?
      We should follow some of the steps to ensure that lip primer is settled properly, and does its work effectively;

      1. Clean your lips properly:
        Exfoliation is good for your lips as well. Since you want your lip makeup to last all day long, then exfoliation is the key. It helps in removing the dead skin cell buildup, leaving you with smooth lips that are ready for lipstick application.

        You can use a gentle lip scrub, to carefully scrub out all the dead skin cells, and then follow the next steps.
      2. Use some moisturization for your lips:
        Once you have removed your dead skin cells, moisturize your lips with a moisturization lip balm that will keep your lips feeling soft, smooth, and supple.
      3. Now apply the lip primer:
        As you have followed the above steps, you can now apply your lip primer. Smooth your lip primer onto your lips, laying down a base for the rest of your lip makeup. Ensure that you have applied a thin layer of lip primer to your lips.
      4. Ensure that you line your lip first:
        Now, this comes as a lipstick essential because several girls just apply the lipstick directly to their lips without lining their lips. This is essential to give a bold look to your lipstick color.
      5. Apply Lipstick/Lip Makeup:
        This is the second last step. Apply the lipstick to your lips and gently rub them together to firm a fine base.
      6. Ensure that you blot your lips:
        Using a tissue, you can lightly press down on your lips to remove excess product.

      Now you are ready to flaunt your new lip color.


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