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How to buy cosmetics online?

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    • Mikhail Agapov

      Buying cosmetics can be really great and cheaper if we know where to look for them, and how to get the best value for money. The key is to find good and reputable retailers and then choose the best products, using customer reviews or advice from friends. 

      Do some online research
      You will be having some idea about what cosmetic product do you want, like pink lipstick, or a concealer, start by looking it up online. Usually, most of the products that are worth checking out, will be able to locate on the first 2 pages themselves.

      You can also search for specific brands like L'Oreal etc, and they usually provide discounts as well if you purchase from their website.

      Beware of Scams
      If you are using a smaller retailer that is not a big chain or that you haven't heard of before, do your research to make sure it is a legitimate site first. Check that it has a secure payment page by looking for "HTTPS://" at the beginning of the URL and a seal of accreditation somewhere on the page. 

      Check with your family and friends if they have heard or used that website for purchasing cosmetic products or not.

      Subscribe for products
      When you purchase a monthly subscription service, you receive a box once a month filled with a variety of sample-size cosmetics or beauty products. Try some or all of the samples and then, if you like any of them, order the full-sized product. It is a good way to test new things before you commit to a whole bottle, for instance.

      There are also cosmetic companies, that want to get reviews for the new products that their research and development teams have developed. You can ask for the same and review them if required. This way, you will even get cosmetic products for free.

      Compare Prices
      Never buy the first thing you see, even if you know exactly what you want, like a very particular brand of foundation. Do an online search for the specific brand and product that you are interested in and check what other retailers sell it, along with their prices. Shopping around prevents you from paying more for something that you could have gotten for less.

      There are several plugins for chrome as well, that you can use to compare prices of products across different websites or retailers.

      Also, don't buy the cheapest versions of branded cosmetic products if the website or retailer looks doubtful. 

      Check for wallet offers
      Generally, we overlook the wallet offers. For Example, if you have paid through an online wallet like Google Pay or PayTM, you would have noticed that you receive some rewards for using their platform.

      Most of the time, these rewards are with respect to personal care and cosmetics. You should check them out. Also, remember, these rewards have an expiration date, so ensure that you have utilized them if you are buying some cosmetic products.

      Look for discount codes
      There are several websites that have coupon codes for brands. You can search for those coupons by a simple google search. This way you can get more discounts on the products listed on big e-commerce websites.

      Read Reviews
      This is particularly helpful if you are interested in switching to a new brand or buying an item you have never bought before. Browse the reviews on retailer sites to see what other people have thought about the cosmetic. If most of the reviews are negative, or there is a recurring issue that multiple people have, like cheap quality, think twice before purchasing that item. 

      Keep an open mind when reading reviews. Don't let one bad review scare you away.

      Visit the store first
      Buying a new cosmetic without having tried it or even physically seeing it is very risky. Before you purchase a new color, brand, or type, go to a beauty store or the makeup counter in a department store that carries what you are looking for. Test it out on your skin if they have samples and jot down what products you liked and which you don't like. Then buy them online after you decide which is your favorite.



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