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What Is SYNCB/PPC and Why Is It on Your Credit Report?

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    • Mikhail Agapov

      SYNCB/PPC on Your Credit Report: Decoding the Enigma

      When perusing your credit report, the appearance of SYNCB/PPC might raise eyebrows and prompt concerns. However, fret not; if you've had dealings with PayPal's line of credit or held a Bill Me Later account, this entry is likely innocuous.

      Unveiling the Acronym: SYNCB/PPC

      SYNCB is an abbreviation for Synchrony Bank, and PPC stands for PayPal Credit. In 2018, Synchrony Financial made a significant acquisition, obtaining billions of dollars in PayPal's accounts receivable, including Bill Me Later accounts. This collaboration traces back to 2004 when the two entities partnered to provide credit card options to PayPal users under the PayPal Holdings brand. PayPal credit, facilitated through Synchrony, is subject to the bank's approval.

      Exploring Synchrony Bank (SYNCB)

      Founded in 1932, Synchrony Bank is a financial services company and a prominent issuer of credit cards for a diverse array of companies. With over 100 credit card options offered through its partners, SYNCB serves businesses such as Chevron, Banana Republic, PayPal, eBay, Sam's Club, and more.

      Why SYNCB/PPC Appears on Your Credit Report

      If SYNCB/PPC is on your credit report, it indicates an association with PayPal Credit. This could be due to an active or closed PayPal Credit account, or you might have applied for credit through PayPal at some point. Even closed accounts linger on your credit history for up to a decade, impacting your credit report. Additionally, applying for a PayPal Credit account generates a hard inquiry, a check on your credit record that remains visible for two years.

      Addressing Discrepancies on Your Credit Report

      Credit bureaus are not infallible, and errors can occur. To rectify inaccuracies, obtain a free credit report from and scrutinize it. If SYNCB/PPC erroneously appears and you haven't applied for PayPal Credit, dispute the item with credit bureaus through online, phone, or mail channels. Provide supporting documents, and if fraud is suspected, furnish a police report or Federal Trade Commission identity theft report. Contacting the credit card company directly and documenting the conversation is also prudent.

      If disputing seems daunting, credit repair companies can assist, albeit at a cost. However, bear in mind that they cannot remove accurate information from your credit report, a feat achievable for free with sufficient knowledge and effort.

      Navigating the Impact on Your Credit Score

      A hard inquiry resulting from a PayPal Credit application stays on your credit report for two years. Its impact varies depending on your credit history and the number of accounts you hold. While a few inquiries might dent the score for those with limited credit history, individuals with a lengthy credit history and numerous accounts might experience a milder effect.

      Final Reflections on SYNCB/PPC

      In summary, the appearance of SYNCB/PPC on your credit report signifies four potential scenarios: past application for PayPal Credit, possession of an active or closed PayPal Credit account, identity theft, or a credit report error. Action taken should align with the reason behind this reference. Understanding credit report dynamics and available options empowers individuals to monitor their finances effectively.


      SYNCB/PPC on your credit report may seem perplexing at first glance, but with a closer look, it reveals insights into your financial history. Whether it's a testament to your credit endeavors or an erroneous entry, being informed about its implications allows you to navigate your credit journey with confidence.​​​​


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