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How much money can one make using a website these days? | How much money can I make using my website in 2023 with 1000 plus articles?

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    • Mikhail Agapov

      Making Money Online using blogs and websites is a relative task and usually depends on several factors mentioned below;

      1. How much traffic you are getting?
      2. What is your bounce rate?
      3. How many people have subscribed to your email list?
      4. How many people have registered for your push notifications?
      5. How many people are engaged with your content?
      6. What is your CPA or Cost or Revenue per Action? etc

      Now I don't sound as if everything depends on traffic online, but most of the time it is always about how much online traffic are you getting in order to make a decent living.

      Even though most of the questions above are directly related to the number of users that visit your website, still it also depends upon how much of that visiting traffic actually converts to your business model and actually pays something to buy your products or services.

      Let me explain to you why ...

      Imagine you are receiving around 300 unique visitors per day. This means that you have got some probability that someone will buy your product or services or at least click on the advertisements that will make you some money.

      Now to understand how much you can make over 1000 unique visitors, you should know what is your Page RPM, that is how much money your website can earn if you will have 1000 unique visitors. This is generally anywhere between $0.01 to $1 for new websites.

      So if you have 300 unique visitors you can earn anywhere between $0.01 to $0.25 per day and that too assuming all these visitors are only coming to your website and not many click through.

      One should also understand that the amount of money you make online also depends on the factor - for where your traffic is coming from.

      For example, if most of the online traffic you are getting is from third-world countries then you will earn less as compared to if your blog receives traffic from developed nations such as the US, UK, European Countries, etc. This is because advertisers are paying more in those countries to publish their advertisements on websites.

      Therefore, when you try and target your articles for the international market, then your chances of making more money become higher.

      Again this requires a lot of hard work because you may have to research for the keywords which are ranking in those countries and provide content that can beat the local competitors that have much more idea about what kind of articles are already ranking in those countries.

      Similarly, if you are working on increasing your traffic, try to niche down your traffic towards a particular market, which might be related to a country or geography, because in the end money making requires one to figure out ways to address this issue to utilize your full potential.

      For this, you should try to do some market research and check what all products and services are already popular in a particular part of the world and how people live their normal lives, what are their day to day issues and how can you add value to their life with the help of your blog, and when you are able to do that, you will see traffic flowing to your website.


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