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How to become a Formulation Scientist after Cosmetology?

There had been several questions with regard to career choices after Cosmetology, and one of it was being a Formulation Scientist, so wanted to share my views about the same.

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    • Svetlya Anukudinova

      If you search for Formulation Scientist on Google or other search engines, there is one common answer that everyone gives, and that is you should have a degree in biochemistry or chemistry or related fields, but no one actually gives you a clear-cut idea about what all you need to actually become a Formulation Scientist.

      But if you are pursuing cosmetology, maybe BTech or MTech Cosmetology, then you can even become a formulation scientist because you are learning about chemicals being used in cosmetic products, and in research and development you actually make formulations.

      There is one thing to understand before you can start your journey as a cosmetic formulation scientist, and that is your education in this field.

      Below is a sure shot way to become a formulation scientist by doing cosmetology;

      1. Complete BTech Cosmetology
      2. Complete MTech Cosmetology
      3. Work for 2+ Years in a Cosmetic Company in Research and Development Department
      4. Complete Ph.D. in Cosmetology and become a Doctor 
      5. Apply for Formulation Scientist Jobs in R&D Departments of Cosmetic Companies

      This is exactly how you become a formulation scientist.

      It is important to understand that you need to work in a cosmetics company or launch your own in order to keep on doing research, which is an important trait of any formulation scientist.

      As a formulation scientist, you should be innovating and creating your own formulations that are effective and helpful to the customers. Also, you should be working on solving issues that people have with regard to their skin or hair issues. 

      Most of the blogs and articles out there may give you confusing steps to become a formulation scientist, but here I have shared the exact way to become one because I have experience working in the cosmetics industry and I have seen people growing in this industry.

      One needs to understand that if you are not clear about your goals then you will be confused and will keep on working in different departments like sales, marketing, etc in cosmetic companies, but if you are clear about what you want to be, then you can achieve that goal.

      It may happen that you may take 1 or more years to reach that position, but if you know where you want to reach, then you will for sure become a cosmetic formulation scientist.

      Time Span to Become a Cosmetic Formulation Scientist;

      1. BTech Cosmetology (after 12th Class) - 4 Years
      2. MTech Cosmetology - 2 Years
      3. Work Experience - 2 Years
      4. Ph.D. - 3 to 5 Years (You can pursue it with distance education as well)

      Therefore the total time to become a Cosmetic Formulation Scientist should be anywhere between 10 to 15 years. Obviously, some might take a bit more or some might be able to achieve it much faster depending upon their learning capabilities, but you should consider this as a fair time span to become a cosmetic formulation scientist.

      How much can one earn as a Cosmetic Formulation Scientist?
      When you start your job in Research and Development Department on a junior level or as a fresher, you can get anywhere from 12k to 30k per month in cosmetic companies.

      Then when you gain experience and get promotions you can get anywhere from 50k to 1 lakh INR per month.

      But when you become a Cosmetic Formulation Scientist, you are able to get anywhere above 1 lakh per month. It may go more than 5 lakhs per month as well but totally depends on your company, your capabilities, and how good you are in presentations and handling departments as such.

      If you are good with your job, research, and developing new products the case sky is the limit for the money you can make.

      Why do people think that students pursuing cosmetology will work in salons?
      There is this notion that students pursuing cosmetology will work in salons or may work as a beautician, which is totally wrong. Although many people choose to work in salons, most of the time someone who has graduated form a good college works in cosmetic companies in research and development departments.

      They may also work in sales and marketing as per their interest, but most of the time R&D is the department where most of the successful students land.

      This is really good because R&D is a core scientific field and they are able to work hard and innovate new technologies in the world of cosmetics, because of which their career path also becomes clear and bright.

      People who say that after cosmetology students get only jobs in salons are basically ignorant or they don't have proper knowledge about this field, as they believe by studying skincare and healthcare people can only land beautician jobs, which is 100% wrong.

      So if you are persuing cosmetology and want to become a Cosmetic Formulation Scientist, just work on the above steps and ou will definitely become one. You will also be satisfied because the work of a scientist is really satisfying and each project makes you feel so much successful.

      One word of advice, don't listen to people who don't share the vision that you have.

      They will only drag you down. If you want to become a formulation scientist, then just work on the above mentioned steps and keep your vision clear. It may take 1 or 2 years excess sometimes depending upon the situations that you are facing, but once you have become what you wanted then you will be really happy, and feel satisfied as success will be with you and not the nay sayers.


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